Dessert Sunday Special: Orange Leaf

Alright, its a Sunday. Seemed like a very busy day for Wichitans to go out and grab a bite to eat. Many packed parking lots. So on the way out for some groceries, it was decided on this very nice day to grab some “froyo”. Honestly, I had no idea what froyo was before tonight. I guess its short for FROzen YOgurt. Put those two words together and you have froyo, how clever. And where’s the hottest, hippest spot to grab some froyo these days? Orange Leaf.

It seems to be the popular rave these days. Put those two words together and you have poave. Doesn’t sound as cool though does it?

So I’ve never been to Orange Leaf before but the reviews i’ve heard have been excellent. Very simple concept. You fill up this little tub with as much frozen yogurt as you want (all low fat or no fat). Then you head to this salad bar-esque stand of toppings. You have brownies, butterfingers, cookies, gummybears, peanuts, literally all sorts of stuff. Then you can add syrup or other similar toppings. Head to the cashier and you weigh your tub. Charged by the ounce. Pay. Eat. Simple as that.

When we arrived, they gave us these little dinky cups to go sample whichever flavors we want. The very first flavor I tried was Pineapple because it was lactose free (i’ll get to that in a moment). Way to sweet for me. Tiffany immediately went for the red velvet. Pretty good I must say, and then we sampled the peanut butter….. excellence. So we filled our tubs up. The tub I picked up had a waffle cone inside it. Waffle cones are a must for me. We checked out and it came up to $7 and change. Pretty comparable to what you’ll pay elsewhere. I guess the difference with Orange Leaf is everything is low fat or non-fat. To someone like me, that’s not very important but there’s definitely a market for it out there.

The deliciousness

Now you’ll see in the picture above a little pill. That my friends is LACTAID pill. These pills works naturally to make dairy foods more digestible, giving you the freedom to enjoy the foods you want, when you want. For those of you who suffer from one of the most undesirable pains of life, check this out. This is what allows me to have a little Orange Leaf.

Seating. I counted all the seats and there were about 26-29 seats available….on the inside. They have about three to four tables outside but being in shorts and a shirt, it started to get a bit chilly outside. The seating I’d compare to an upscale McDonalds. I’m talking total plastic seating but with a modern look to them.


So there you have it. Orange Leaf. We tried, we tasted, we liked. I was quite impressed by it all. Its not too often I eat ice cream or yogurt in general so when i do, I want it to be good. Unlike Tiffany who’s been to Orange Leaf many more times and is already a huge fan. Just imagine yourself at Orange Leaf trying their delicious froyo and you could be this happy.

So there you have it folks. Orange Leaf. There are two locations.
7730 E 37th St N # A
Wichita, KS 67226-2822

(316) 440-0923

8918 W 21st St N # 600
Wichita, KS 67205-1992

(316) 351-5713

From two complete opposite sorts of dessert fans. One who loves ice cream and one who doesn’t eat ice cream as much. You have two highly deserved recommendations for Orange Leaf. On our super scientific method of taking into account value, service (well it is self-serve), customer service, taste, we give this place 4½ stars. The non-ice cream lover was not the one to give O.L. five stars. 
Word is there will be a third Orange Leaf built on the east side of town near Central and Webb. Not sure yet.
But definitely check this place out. I can really see business picking up once the warm weather hits…..and stays cause this past weekends bit of sunshine I’m guessing was only temporary. 
Enjoy your Presidents Day. COMMENTS WELCOME!

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