Need Suggestions On Letter E!

Right now since I don’t own one of those cools yellow things people used to use back in the day to look up phone numbers, I use Urban Spoon to try and find random restaurants. Unfortunately Urban Spoon doesn’t have the most complete listing of restaurants.

For instance when looking up places for Letter D, Deshi Curry (located over on 21st street) is not listed. So that really makes me wonder what is the best source to find listings of restaurants. I tried Yelp but that site is pretty jumbled and doesn’t give an alphabetical listing, at least not to my knowledge.

Why I ask?

The Letter E is coming up next. And i’m not so sure Eddy’s Parents House would count because what happens if I don’t like mom’s food (which I do love by the way)? The price can’t be beat…….free, but what if the service is bad? I certainly can’t write that……. or I could and just say it was all Tiffany’s opinion.

But the point of this blog is to review places to eat in Wichita…… preferably places where any of you could go as well. Not so sure my mother would appreciate me giving out her address and then having random people stop by for a quick bite to eat.

Possible New “E” Place in Wichita?
So what good places out there start with the Letter E? Originally off the top of my head Emerson Biggins was the only one that came to mind but that doesn’t sound like an appealing option. Urban Spoon only has 9 places listed and that doesn’t count the places that start with “El” like El Mexico, El Tejano, El Torro. If someone wants to go steal the Letter B off of business signs, I could make an exception and go to Ella Luna to try their hummus because its definitely been a while for us.
Readers, we need your help. Desperately need some suggestions for Letter E. What we’ve seen so far doesn’t exactly excite our bellies.


P.S. – Hope you all like the new design layout. Its much brighter and easier on the eyes. Plus we received our first note of publicity this week! We made it in Denise Neil’s latest newsletter. She’s a writer for the Wichita Eagle! Raise your hands if you’re excited……. Wait, I see no hands….. Oh that’s right cause i’m the only person that’s excited.

The comments box has been fixed so people shouldn’t have problems with that anymore. Suggestions away! Letter E…. GO!

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