New York By E.B.

Well ladies and gentlemen,
We will be taking a brief break from Wichita and making a one week stop to help root on the Shockers in New York City when they play in the mecca of all sports arenas, Madison Square Garden.

New York By E.B. – I need new cards!

We will take with us our taste buds and sight seeing eyes to see the best of what New York has to offer in our limited time there. Hours and hours of researching all there is to do in that big city in the Northeast. HELP! What are the best places to visit? What are the best places to eat at? After doing long research on the city, its quite plain to see that New York has so much more to offer than our city of Wichita. The listing of restaurants in a small little district in New York are almost on spot with the number our entire city has. Its…. well…. ridiculous!

For the majority of the group that is going with us, we’re all newbies to the Big Apple. So we ask this to you veterans of the NYC, what are your suggestions? We’ve read through the reviews on UrbanSpoon, we’ve looked at Wikipedia, we’ve googled as much New York knowledge our brains can take. The last thing we need is your opinions.

When we get back hopefully we’ll be energetic enough to write up on our experiences in one of the biggest cities in the world. Food, arts, sports, shopping, and being broke.

We will return the following week and pick up where we started with Letter G.

Empire State of Mind.

Go Shox!

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