Overlooked Items of Appreciation

Sometimes, the smallest things can really make your dining experience a more enjoyable one. The little amenities that a place offers that can sometimes go overlooked.

A Greeter. Admit it, sometimes its nice to have someone open the door for you when you walk in. Greet you with a pleasant smile and a hello. Even if they don’t open the door, a hello is nice. Take Kanai for instance, they greet you with something I’d need the Google Translate to let me know what was said. Even if I don’t understand it, I appreciate it.

Clean Restrooms. This is half and half. Half the business’ responsibility and half the customers responsibility. Businesses should keep their restrooms clean and we as customers should do our part to keep them clean as well. There’s no need to pee on the seats, always flush, don’t throw paper towels on the ground. One thing I love is automatic soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers and water dispensers. Automated Everything gets two thumbs up in my book. If a restaurant wants to be super handy, get a door that doesn’t require you to open it with your hands. I’m by no means a germ freak but some people are and i’m sure would love items like that. Sumos……..you may want to read this.

Knowledgeable Wait Staff. We all don’t know how to pronounce “baklava”, or what’s in a fattoush salad. There are many places through our dining adventures where it’ll be our first time, where we may order something that we’ve never had (example: baba gross). So having a server who knows whats in a dish or can recommend us an option instead of saying “Everythings good” is really helpful. Los Cocos and Cafe Bel Ami did a great job here.

There you have it. Three simple and affordable things any restaurant or establishment can have to bump their level of customer service.

In other news, thanks to everybody who’s helped pass the word on for Wichita By EB.com. The e-mails and comments we’ve received are greatly appreciated.

Our Letter E has been decided and you can expect that up very early next week. We’re going to do a little something different this time around.

And starting with Letter F, we’re going to start leaving behind cards to places we try out so those restaurants can get a fair opportunity to respond or read what was wrote about them. Cause really, what’s the point of writing a review on a restaurant if they can’t see what areas they need to work on or read what customers like? We designed the cards during the sleepless evening and this was the end result:

Watch Out Wichita!

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