What Should Letter D Be?

Well the final blog this week for me. With Arch Madness looming upon us, I now must let you the readers help me come up with places for Letter D while I root on the Shockers to victory this weekend.
What we're looking for is a place preferably locally owned and something you can only find in Wichita.
Mexican spots......ehhhh..... let's avoid. A and C went to that. So let's focus on anything else.
Tiffany and I are very open minded and will try anything once.
Dunkin Donuts, Denim and Diamonds, and Dairy Queen have already been added to the no list as well as Dillons Fried Chicken!
Comment Away!

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Nate773 said... Monday, March 07, 2011

DeFazio's or Da' Cajun Shack might be some good ideas


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