What Should Letter G Be?

Sometime a week from today we will be returning with Dining by the Alphabet. Hopefully we can find another winniner after enjoying Letter F’s Fat Tonys Grill and Sports Bar. That leaves us about a week to decide what G should be.

We’ve had some suggestions starting with the recently opened Gaslamp Grill. From friends alone I’ve heard some bad things about this place. Expensive, small portions, more artsy dishes than actual food to fill you up, “not worth the money”. Makes me rather worried about going here because its not just one or two people I’ve heard this from but multiple.

Green Mill is an option but thats a national chain I believe. Same as Grandy’s even though I loved that place as a kid. Not sure if there are even any left in Wichita!

So what other options for G are there? Sounds like Wichita has a rather limited offering for us on G!

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  1. Garcia's Taco – 2138 N Market

    Gindi Thai & Japanese – 21st & Ridge

    Gobi Grill – 21St & Ridge

    Go Steak – 21st & Tyler

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