Wichita State Shockers vs. College of Charleston

Put the dining aside, close down Intrust Bank Arena, cancel classes tonight. There’s only one thing going on tonight that is important. Shocker Basketball.

Tonights home game against the College of Charleston is big for us. 6 pm. Charles Koch Arena.

Yes, I know its not the NCAA Tournament. Its the NIT. Who cares. Yeah its unfortunate and it was gut wrenching that we didn’t make it. Losing in St. Louis in the semis hurt a lot and made the drive home back to Wichita an unenthusiastic one. But we will make due with the chances we have. And the chance we have tonight is to play in Madison Square Garden, the mecca of all sports arenas. I’ve never been and if we win, I plan on going.

Me, Tiffany, a host of friends along with thousands of fellow Shocker fans will be in attendance rooting on our hometown Shockers. For those of you who don’t have tickets to the quickest sellout we’ve had this year, its on ESPN2. The winner of this game plays the winner of Northwestern and Washingston St which airs at 10 pm cst on ESPN2.

I actually was going to blog about either Linkhaus moving buildings or a place called Sweetly Scrumptious (both located in East Wichita) but I’ll save that for tomorrow or another day.

Today and tonight its all Shockers. Joe Ragland, our present and future for next season, really willed us to victory Sunday morning when I think I woke up my neighbors and I don’t even live in an apartment. So I had to have been loud. And we’re really going to need him when he runs our offense tonight. Toure, Durley, Stutz, Smith, Kyles, Hatch, Demetric, Blair, Ellis………. we’ll need them all. Its going to be a team effort. I’ve read a lot on this Andrew Goudelock kid and he honestly scares me. He looks to be the real deal for Charleston.

Tickets have been hard to come by. I’ve seen them on Craigslist with people asking $100-150 for them. Seriously people?

Its a good thing I don’t have children, cause they would be neglected today.

Go Shox.

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