AppeTuesdays: Return of the Hummus Challenge

First off, congratulations to the Shockers on winning the NIT in Madison Square Garden! What a way to cap off a season and turn lemons into lemonade. I’m absolutely proud of everything they accomplished. They literally ran through the tournament and won it in what I’d call dominating fashion. On to business…….

Well instead of going out to eat which we literally did all last week in the absolutely beautiful city of New York (an entire blog dedicated to that is in the works), figured it was best to just grill out in the nice weather Wichita had to offer.

…………but what could we eat before that to hold off the impending hunger? Wait, what day was it? Tuesday! And that could only mean one thing. APPETUESDAYS!

Todays review will be a little different and shorter than usual, just totally based on the food. No pictures of the inside of the building, the ambience, reviews of the service because we decided for just carryout.

Our choice of appetizer was something we haven’t had in some time……. hummus. Lets review the current competition rating for best hummus:
1.) Cafe Bel Ami
2.) N&J Cafe

Remember we’ve had hummus from other places but since the inception of this blog, we’ve only been to the two places. Lined up this week to see how they would fare against the other hummus. None other than M.I.F. Deli. They are a deli located at Central and Woodlawn that serves mainly Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine. We stuck solely with hummus but we hope to be back to try out some of their other offerings.

M.I.F. Deli and Catering
5618 E. Central
Wichita, KS 67208
Ph: 316.684.7431

So I called in the hummus as I was leaving work so it’d be ready for pickup. Took the 10-15 minute trek to the Deli, picked it up with no troubles, place was pretty dead around 5 pm. The hummus ran $4.99 and came with pita bread. Headed home and unpacked it all.

Our first thought upon opening it all up was….. “That’s it?” The portion size looked pretty small compared to what we received with N&J and Cafe Bel Ami. It all came in a small container

Little dinky cup, I’d compare it to the size of the pasta salad at Bardnrds


Cup wasn’t even filled up most of the way! Boo!!!!

Took the first bite and we both had that “Wow, quite impressive” look on our faces. We were not let down. I’ve spoken with just one person who I know’s been to M.I.F. Deli and she said, “Its the best hummus in Wichita.” I don’t know if I’d go that far yet but it was really good. Tiffany liked it quite a bit. Its been a while since she has been to Bella Luna so she wasn’t able to make a solid decision if it was better.

Regardless we both liked it a lot. I wish the size was a little bigger considering the price is the same you see at nearly all restaurants.

No star rating for M.I.F. Deli because it was just carryout but to update our Hummus Rankings, it stands as is:
1.) M.I.F. Deli
2.) Cafe Bel Ami
3.) N&J Cafe

Who’s next on the Hummus Challenge? It might be time to finally put Bella Luna to the test against the current best: M.I.F. Deli.

That’s all for now. Coming Soon: The New York Experience Blog!
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  1. if you're going to get some good leb food in, make sure you don't leave out Byblos. As a Wichita Leb, i would have to say that Byblos and N&J's are my two favorite spots in wichita.

  2. I love MIF's humos and the meat cheese pies are out of this world. This place is run by a lebanese family and gotta say they are on my top list for the best.

  3. They have larger sizes of hummos – it appears you ordered the small. Hummos normally is served as an appetizer – small portions. I do agree though they have the best hummos. I've been eating there for years I'm a regular customer.

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