Suggestions Needed For Letter H

After an average at best Letter G followed by an excellent special dining excursion, its time to focus on Letter H.

A few places already off the list for this letter? Hometown Buffet, Hooters, and HuHot Mongolian Grill. Its unfortunate on HuHot because I’m actually a fan of the place and have a free birthday dinner there still to cash in on.

For this letter, we’re keep all options open. There really isn’t anything we will turn down. Of course we have preferences. A place we have never been to would be nice so it’d give us a chance to give them a fresh start and a new review. Going to places we’ve been to before is sometimes hard to not give a review with preconceptions we’ve had from prior visits.

So readers, help us out.

What’s on tap for Letter H? You decide!

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