Twin Peaks: Grand Opening

What a week. It’s been a while since you’ve heard from us so let me update you with this jam packed blog.

Since I’ve been battling an infection, we’ve been no go on any Wichita dining for most of the week. We will definitely return next week with Letter I.

First off the biggest news in Wichita dining has been the opening Twin Peaks in the old Timberline building at 21st and Rock. We actually had the chance to stop in there with some friends last week before I was hit with the Black Plague…..or something less severe than that.

Twin Peaks is a restaurant and bar with a similar overall theme to Hooters. The inside of the establishment has a very cabin feel to it. Imagine a wide open Timberline. That’s what it really feels like to me at least. All the walls knocked down, you can see end to end inside the new Twin Peaks.

There are plenty of tables and plenty of scenery for the testosterone engulfed male who act like they have seen cleavage for the first time in their life. The girls there are dressed in short shorts and button down plad shirts that are wrapped high right below their pectoral muscles. The shirts are then unbuttoned to make certain items more revealing. As one of my friends put it, “It makes Hooters feel like church.”

I felt like a loser taking this picture when all those guys
turned and looked at me

We were told their headquarters brought in servers and trainers from their other locations to help out. As another one of my friends said I think while drooling, “Wow! They definitely brought in the A-Team for the grand opening.” When Tiffany turned her head to look at a TV, I was able to fit in a head nod in agreement. (Ok, I’m just kidding about that last point….. or am I?)

To add more to the feel, they have shirts for sale with all sorts of “clever slogans” on them. For example, one shirt had a rather richly developed woman and a keg on it. The title on the shirt? “I’d Tap That”. The 17 year old inside of me chuckled. I was going to point in out to Tiffany but I’m pretty sure I would have received one of those eyeball rolls plus my childish giggling would have made it difficult for me to explain the joke to her which she probably would have given me a second eyeball roll for stating the obvious. All joking aside, if I ever have a 17 year old son, he’s so getting that shirt for his birthday.

Hey! I got another T-shirt idea with this picture:
“Got Wood?”

Beer Selection. Twin Peaks has a wide selection of beers available. And guess what? They are all cold. The beers are all served in the 32 degree temperature area. Nobody likes to be served warm beer and this place definitely does not do that. Some friends ordered imports, other the regular staples like Bud Light and Miller Light and others? Well the special. They have 24 oz $1.99 Miller High Life drafts on special. The Champagne of Beers! I usually don’t order drafts because I’ve read and heard of some places in Wichita that have dirty lines for their drafts which can cause mold. I try to stick to bottles. They also have $2.99 shot specials that are listed on the menu. $2.99 everyday. Twin Peaks murders Hooters in price in this area.

Food. At the recommendation of a friend, I tried the spicy chipotle burger with no cheese. This is a double patty burger with jalapeños, a spicy chipotle sauce and fire fries. Fire fries are regular steak fries with added seasoning. Tiffany went with the fish tacos with fire fries. The first step to a good fire fry is the seasoning. If it lacks the seasoning, they are bland fries. Tiffany’s were loaded with seasoning and mine weren’t and we could definitely tell which fries were better by a long shot. For what it’s worth, I liked my burger and have tried it again since. She enjoyed her fish tacos. We were both full on our meals. Well worth it and good food. Twin Peaks has a wide variety of food. They have chicken fried steaks, flat iron steaks; meatloaf, quesadillas, and your regular fare of bar food. Meals range from $8 on up to a little under $20.

Service. The service was pretty quick. They were always quick to ask if we needed another beer. The food came out in a timeley manner. They really give you lots of attention especially if you go in with a group of guys. The girls definitely “work it”. Its funny to people watch and see them give attention to certain guys who you can tell are just totally in love.

They have flat screen TV’s everywhere in the restaurant. With how the inside is designed, the TV’s are a little higher so sitting at a table top, not all seats are ideal for watching sports. Sometimes there are pillars in the way, other times your neck may get tired from tilting it at an angle. But for the most part, it’ll do.

Hooters and other bars should be put on notice. Twin Peaks will be competition. If you aren’t overly conservative and can overlook certain parts, Twin Peaks is actually a pretty decent spot to eat at, have a drink, and watch a game. I’ve spoken to guys AND girls who enjoy going there.

I also apologize for not having more pictures. I didn’t want to be the guy with the camera taking pictures of the girls to display on a website. It all would have been, well for the lack of a better word, creepy.

Happy Dining Folks.

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