Larry Bud’s Sports Bar & Grill: A Bar To Call Home

Everybody has their “home bar”. The place they could go to and as the Cheers song goes, “where everybody knows your name”. A place you can stop by and know of at least another person there, a place conveniently located that your friends are all within a short driving distance. You walk inside and have your favorite spots to sit, spots where not to sit, the servers will have an idea of what you want to drink, etc.

For the longest time, that place was The Cedar for me. It closed down many years ago and I do intend to write up a blog on The Cedar because of all the fond memories I had of that place. When I refer to The Cedar I’m referencing the spot over on 13th street, not the disaster that took place when they moved to 21st and Woodlawn.

Anyways, that new “home bar” for me has been Larry Bud’s. It’s located at the northwest corner of 21st and Woodlawn in the old Tanner’s building (then The Cedar building).

Let’s get some things out of the way. No bar is perfect. Every bar you will get bad service, your typical bar food, etc. I’ll be the first to admit I’ve had some horrible service at Larry Bud’s before but on the flipside I’ve also had great service. The food is what it is, bar food. The menu changes every so often. Steaks were removed from their menu last year I believe which was unfortunate because Tanner’s Steak night used to be awesome.

Some people don’t like their draft beers, others do. I usually stick to bottles at any bar I go to anyways. Does that make me a diva?

The service there has its ebbs and flows. Just like any restaurant, some servers you have are much better than others. If you ever stop in to Larry Bud’s and Maggie is serving you, you’re in luck. She is far and away the best at Larry Bud’s. Tell her “Wichita By E.B.” sent you. The owners are very friendly and are always willing to talk. They have a guy who works the door like once a year who’s one of the coolest guys I know. He works the door very randomly though.

There is biasness to my opinion of the place though. They’ve donated to events I’ve thrown together whether they are golf tournaments or chili cook offs. I’ve come to know many of the staff there but yes, that comes with the territory when you frequent any establishment.

What’s the biggest downfall to Larry Buds? It’s predominantly a KU bar. Yeah you’ll have people up there for a K-State game every now and then, the place can get pretty packed right before a WSU basketball game but when KU is playing football or basketball I tend to avoid that place. Not because I dislike Larry Bud’s but cause KU fans “can” be the most obnoxious fans when gathered in flocks. Notice I said “can” because I do have KU friends that are not too obnoxious but this is a Wichita blog so that’s all I’ll comment on that.

They are busier doing football and basketball season. During the week, their busiest night is probably Thursday. They have drink specials and food specials throughout the week. Their Facebook page keeps you up to date on their deals and specials.

Does it compare to “The Cedar” back in the day? No. But it’s also a difference scene. Larry Bud’s is more like Tanners if you ever frequented the place during your young adult days. It’s a place you can sit down with a group of friends, have some drinks and just talk about whatever. Sometimes it’s hard when there’s karaoke going on but that’s later at night and I must say, I cannot stand karaoke. It seems like every place has it now. Even APPLEBEE’s of all places has karaoke. What’s next? Wal-Mart Karaoke on Saturday afternoon?

I could share so many stories and experiences I’ve had at Larry Bud’s but this blog is PG.

All in all, it’s a great place to relax. It’s a great gathering point if you’re with a crowd of people. I’ve been going there for years and at times considered bringing a cot with me to sleep there. I know people who hate Larry Bud’s and love Larry Bud’s. But I also know people who love Bar A but hate Bar B. It’s all a matter of opinion which is why I blog. Check it out sometime if you’re in the area.

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  1. If WalMart starts doing Karaoke I'm there dude. You'll be able to tell it is me, I'll be wearing a wife-beater that is two sizes too small to cover my fat belly, flip flops and a thong.

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