Fox and Hound: “Please Seat Yourself………..”

Sunday evening, a couple friends wanted to go up to Fox and Hound to watch the Cowboys game and have a couple beers. I thought to myself, “Why not, maybe I’ll go in and see what the service will be like.” I wrote back in March of 2011 the following line in the Dining by the Alphabet Letter F blog:

When deciding on our place, we were aiming for something most people haven’t been to yet. Your staple F’s like Fox and Hound (one of the worst customer service spots in Wichita hands down) and Felipes, many of you have all been to.

I openly felt that Fox and Hound had possibly the worst customer service in all of Wichita at least on the east side.

My friends and I arrive at 7:29 p.m. A greeter opens the door for us and welcomes us. Nice. We sat ourselves at a hightop in the main bar where the most traffic flows through. We sit at the only high top table that was available. It was dirty, napkins lying around, food crumbs, we figured the server would just come clean it as somebody probably just left.

A few minutes go by and we see servers literally passing by us. No hellos. Nothing.

7:39 comes up and I start to find it amusing. I tell everybody at the table to not grab a single server, we’ll just wait to see how long it takes for them to realize us.

7:50 pm hits……still nothing.
7:51 pm…..a server looked at us (YES!!!!)
7:52 pm……said server walks by

7:55 pm…….I pinched myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming

7:56 pm……Are we in Sixth Sense? Are we alive?

7:57 pm hits and I see a manager walking out of a door. A friend of mine points out that he is in fact the manager. So I decide to go ahead and walk up to him. Here’s how our friendly conversation went if you’re interested:

Eddy: “Hi my name is Eddy. I decided to come in here with some friends to just check out the place. We arrived at about 7:30 and not a single person has came up to our table, took our order or just noticed we’re here.”

Manager: “Ok, let me go check on it.”

He leaves and next thing we know a server comes around and apologizes and says that’s not how we do business here and we’re sorry. She said the manager was going to buy us a round of drinks and brought us chips and salsa. That was the end of that. It would have been nice to see the manager show face and apologize himself but he was too busying fraternizing with the female servers.

Our server takes care of us until halftime and she informs us she has to leave. She actually did a good job and was friendly. We tabbed out with her and was given a new server. Literally one of my friends had to wait the length of an entire quarter to get his tab so he could leave once the new server arrived.

I’ve tried to give this place a chance. Not sure why because the food is not that good. So I took a little mini-survey on Twitter and Facebook to gauge others thoughts on Fox and Hound and here’s literally the responses I received.

  • Won’t eat there. Too many times with poor service and poor food. Can’t believe they are still open.
  • I think their food is gross and their service is meh.
  • I only go there for pint nights. That place usually had terrible food and service
  • That place is terrible. We won’t go there for anything, not even Shocker watch parties. Their food is disgusting. Drinks are overpriced.
  • Way overpriced crappy food 🙂
  • yucky food. blech! I was accidentally served raw chicken wings -gag!!!
  • Always bad service
  • I never strayed past nachos, but I think they’re good. Aaaand they have cider beer on tap – win for me. Just trying to even out the comments 🙂
  • Few times I’ve been there had nice, friendly bartender and waitstaff but food taste and price sub par. And cant believe they charge boo-coo cover on fight nights. 
  • The last time I ate there I ordered a pizza from Papa John’s. That place sucks.
  • Its not bad, but definitely not the best food. They should commit industrial espionage and steal old Chicago’s cook book.
  • I’ve never had good service there. It always takes forever to get anything and then I sit there for a half hour with an empty glass when I’m finished.
  • The nachos did not have nearly enough toppings and the chips were layered with salt.
    The wings that the wife and I shared where the wrong ones, Super Hot instead of Spicy Garlic/Mild. We got a new order but after about 30 minutes.
    The staff is very SLOW, but speed and mentally.
    The baked beans my in laws had were so salty they were not edible.
    30 minutes to get our check and that was before the game was over.
  • The Fox is “ok” — just take it for what it’s worth. The only time I go there is after work and they seem to be pretty solid, but that may be b/c they’ve gotten to know our crowd. Oh well. If you go there for lunch, it’s also not a bad place.
  • I will never go there again

So there are the comments. Now at least I don’t feel alone in my thinking that the place is horrible. Thanks to everybody who shared with me their thoughts on Fox and Hound. If you would, share this on your twitter feed or Facebook profile. Hopefully Fox and Hound can take some notes and fix the problems they have which seem to begin with service.

I have sent this blog to anybody within Fox and Hound I could get contact of and we’ll see if they write up a response.

And to make matters worse for the night, The Cowboys lost. What a great evening……….. Fox & Hound Sports Tavern on Urbanspoon

5 thoughts on “Fox and Hound: “Please Seat Yourself………..””

  1. Can't say I agree with your comments. (Don't dispute you might have had bad service, that happens, but…)

    I eat there usually once a month, have for years. I've never sat in the 'dining' area, always in the bar.

    This isn't 5 star dining, it's a bar that serves food. I've always found it clean, and the servers more or less adequate. I LOVE the soft pretzels, the salsa, even the wings. They have a lot of good beers on tap, and the scenery (wink…wink…) is usually enjoyable. Maybe that's your issue – you're annoyed at the ladies…..

    I'd go back again in a heartbeat, maybe you'd enjoy it more if you didn't expect formality. I guess I can only say I can think of a lot worse in this town.

  2. Thank you for your comments.

    I don't think anybody expects 5 star dining when they go to a bar. There are certain perks of a full service restaurant you give up at a bar like the quality of food may not be comparable.

    But things like waiting 30 minutes for a tab, not being served, etc are hard to overlook even if the servers there are cute.

    I used to work in the restaurant industry. I would think at times I have a decent grasp at decent service which is what I expect at a bar. Not great, just decent. Unfortunately with Fox and Hound, there are many that agree with the sentiment.

    You win some, you lose some, right?

  3. Fox & Hound is the WORST. I've laid my thoughts out before on ebTalk (and IIRC, you sent that post in its entirety to the General Manager of F&H). Slow service, lousy food, empty drink glasses and it takes 15 minutes or longer to get your check at the end of the meal. We won't be going back.

  4. I've been there two or three times. One experience was average, food wasn't that good and overpriced for what it was.

    One of the times the experience was so horrible its the only time in my life I've asked to speak to mgr to complain. He gave me some gift cards and I gave them away. Haven't been back since.

  5. Bad service is almost as bad as bad food but fortunately for me i've always had decent service and food at F&H. It's almost always been off the lunch menu which i consider a good deal. I work within walking distance and it seems they keep quite busy so they must be doing something right.

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