Project Minimum Wage: Day 12

Another day gone.

It was tacos for dinner so that means it will be tacos for lunch on Tuesday. I didn’t get to do any real shopping yesterday and found myself bored. Part of me wanted to spend money JUST to spend money. Does that mean I have an addiction? I found myself browsing through Amazon and eBay just to get my fix in but didn’t purchase anything.

Then I found myself watching TV and caught a McDonald’s commercial. You know, McDonald’s and fast food places really hit the spot and target minimum wage people. With their low cost meals and fast food convenience, it’s no wonder millions and billions of people go there for lunch. But one thing that bugs me, has anybody really ever fallen in love with a McDonald’s girl? I’ve been to McDonald’s my fair share of times while in high school and college in Wichita and never ran into this situation:

Ah well………….Day 12 is officially in the books and Tuesday will mark yet another day I have yet to spend a single dollar on lunch. It’s quite comforting to know I’m saving almost $4-6 a day by bringing my lunch to work every day.

$197 still intact to last me 18 more days. I totally forgot I have the Brad Paisley concert this weekend and a beer there will run me an entire day’s daily budget. I know what everybody is saying right now, “A person on minimum wage can’t afford Brad Paisley tickets.” Well they aren’t mine and they were purchased back in Mid-December.


Any Letter U suggestions anyone?

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  1. I tell you what I have told my kids, coworkers, anyone that will listen… For what you spend eating out for lunch at work for one maybe two days you can buy groceries and feed yourself all week. There is no shame in PB&J!

  2. Don't shop unless you absolutely need something. Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without- as our parents used to say. Eventally it becomes a habit to live frugally, and shopping loses it's allure.

  3. It really helps to make a menu of meals for the week. Planning for leftovers and using store specials. You could cook several pieces of chicken eat a couple the debone the rest and use in several other things. Chicken salad, white chicken chili, chicken enchiladas, chicken and noodles. I am full of cheap meal suggestions. Buy fresh veg and cut up ahead for lunches or to cook w/ meals. No prepared veggie trays on your budget! SAMs has good prices on bananas in particular. Potatoes rather than chips, rice and dried beans. Cheap and can be used creatively.

  4. Do you really need drinks and snacks when attending concerts or games? The prices are steep at those venues and you are wasting precious dollars that are best spent elsewhere.

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