Project Minimum Wage: Day Eight. I’m Still Alive!

Day 8 is in the books and yes I’m still alive.

I left town for work for a few days so because of the extenuating circumstances; I had to take a three day hiatus from Project Minimum Wage. Because of this, I decided to extend my Project for the three days I was out. The end of the first week of February is now my new end date.

Getting back to where we left off: Monday.

The day did not start off to well. I had spaghetti and meat sauce I packed and ready to go to take with me to lunch on Friday. Please note I made this Thursday to take Friday. Well I left it at home Friday. Fast-forward to Monday, it’s still sitting in the fridge. I’m thinking well since the weekend took a hit on the budget I might as well take the four day old spaghetti and meat sauce to work with me for lunch. Not a good idea. People say, spaghetti and meat sauce can still be good 3-4 days later. Try just three. The fourth day had a “freezer burn” type taste to it. You could tell it had been in the fridge for a while. Regardless, I finished it. A man’s gotta eat, right?

Monday night was a BCS Championship Game watch party at a friend’s house. The couple who was throwing the party was going to make the main entrees and everybody else was to bring sides. They told me not to worry about bringing anything due to my current salary restrictions. I am no charity case plus I don’t like being “that guy” who doesn’t bring anything to a party. So I went out and bought a veggie tray from Dillon’s. Spent $10 on it which is a dollar under my per day budget.

Seriously if you wanted drama, you should have watched the Bachelor instead. LSU and Alabama was one of the most boring football games I have ever watched. I can understand watching great defenses but LSU (and not trying to take anything away from Alabama) displayed one of the most inept offenses I’ve ever seen. It was like a kid playing Madden on his PlayStation calling the same two or three plays over and over. Except unlike Madden, LSU wasn’t scoring. It was definitely a BLEAUXOUT!


Back to Project Minimum Salary. My total after Monday is now $265 with 22 days left to go. I’m hoping Friday I don’t spend a single dollar because I have a haircut on Saturday that will set me back.

Happy Minimum Waging!

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  1. Some of us live on less than minimum wage – it's called Social Security. Yes, we still find ways to contribute to poptluck dinners, and we also eat leftovers pushed to the limit. That's life.

  2. Found your blog through a comment you left on Dining with Denise and I'm so glad I did!
    I recently read a book called Nickled and Dimed in which a woman did a year long experiment living on minimum wage. I can send it to you if you can't afford it 🙂
    Looking forward to further installments, and am also enjoying your restaurant reviews!

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