Project Minimum Wage: The First Weekend

Made it through the first weekend. I think I may have gone a little over-budget. Let’s rehash, shall we?

Started Friday off at $307………..

Friday: I went to a little watch party for the Cotton Bowl game and ate for free! I really need to go to some sort of watch party every night. That’d really save me money. Followed that up by meeting some friends for drinks. Unfortunately that wasn’t free. A few drinks and tip ran me only $8. End of Friday night.

So I ended Friday below the $300 barrier. Total: $299. Just a little off pace.

Saturday started and I went to Letter T with a handful of friends. That blog will follow. I spent only $8 with the use of a little creativity. You’ll read how later. Then afterwards, it was the Shocker game. We met up with a big group of friends at Jersey’s to watch us pull out another road win, this time against Southern Illinois. Go Shox! One of our great friends, Bud, actually covered a group of friend’s tabs. I got off easy. I know some of you would consider this “cheating” but hey, I could have watched this at home. Besides, I only had two drinks during the game. And with the company at Jersey’s, I couldn’t pass up. Couldn’t really afford to go out after that so that was the end of that.

Saturday put me back on pace a little. Total: $291.

Sunday for breakfast it was the usual eggs, bacon and bread that was purchased earlier. Score! Groceries came in handy finally! For lunch it was leftover pizza from the Cotton Bowl watch party. Score! Free lunch. Then it was time to splurge a little. There was a coupon for $4 off two entrees at Red Lobster. It’s literally been over a year since I last went. After dinner was over, my wallet was out $16. Decided to call it a night there.

Final weekend total: $275. I have 23 days left of this. That means I can only spend an average of $11.95 per day. Tomorrow, it’s no eating out whatsoever or spending a single dime.

If it’s one thing I learned over the weekend, it’s that I love to spend randomly. Had I not been on a budget, I may have purchased a round of shots for friends, or gone out more over the weekend. I can’t look at the Sunday ads because one, it’s an urge to spend money on items I don’t need and two, I’d have to buy a paper.

One week down for Project Minimum Wage and roughly three to go. After this weekend, I’m beginning to think I might not be able to do it. Guess I’ll find out at the days continue.


Be on the lookout for a Special Dining By The Alphabet Letter T. I tried something I have never done for any letter. Something new and something fresh. Stay tuned.

It’s 11:37 pm and I should probably go to bed, I didn’t proofread this blog and I’m sure there are errors. I can’t afford a proofreader on my budget so deal with it!

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