8 Rules For How To Be A Shocker Fan in a Bar

That time has come again. The time when Shocker fans come out in droves. A time a casual person will read the news and notice the Shockers are ranked and pull out their old “2006 Wichita State Sweet 16” t-shirt because that’s the only one they own. They’ll make their way to the bars and mispronounce every Shocker name from Stooootz to Tower-ray to “that Nigerian guy”. Yes, it’s bandwagon time.
I know that all sounds like bandwagon fans annoy me. It used to but it really doesn’t anymore. At a time like this, merchandise sales go up and media publicity shoots through the roof. All of this benefits not just the Athletic Department but Wichita State University as well so I’m cool with that. It benefits the city of Wichita too. Bars in Wichita are getting all excited because they can just see those bar tabs getting bigger and sales going up. And to top it off, people in Wichita finally realize that there is another basketball team in the state of Kansas that isn’t located in Manhattan or Lawrence. The pros outweigh the cons.
What this blog is about is how to handle yourself as a fan in a bar. It’s ok to be rowdy at times and briefly obnoxious at times but you only get a few passes for that like if it’s a game winner or a crazy play that completed a comeback or something.
What brought this on was I went to Emerson Biggins to watch the game with friends and it was possibly one of the most annoying experiences ever. The ideal situation is to watch it at home amongst friends of by myself just so I can hear and experience it all. I’ve gone out to bars on many occassions to watch games before but man, last night was brutal outside of locking up the Regular Season title!!!!

Anyways I bring you Wichita By E.B’s 8 Rules For How To Be A Shocker Fan in a Bar:

If you’re going to support the Shockers, don’t go in the bar wearing a KU or K-State shirt. You lose all credibility.

Learn to pronounce the players’ names right. People will just look at you and laugh if you say Garrett Stutz’ name as Garrett Stoootz. Stootz just sounds Canadian which he’s not.

Do not act like each bucket was the act of god. Some gentleman last night was whistling as loud as he could after nearly every bucket. Dude…..”Act like you have been there.”

If you go to a bar and they turn the sound off and switch it to a KU or K-State game, let the employees know. Or better yet, boycott that bar for WSU games.

Don’t make fun of the other team’s student section when you’re one of the 30-40 year olds that sit in the front row of the student section for our home games.

You are not a commentator. It’s ok to talk amongst friends and make comments here and there but don’t be that guy who analyzes EVERY SINGLE PLAY with “he should have done this” or “he sucks, coach needs to take him out” or “don’t ever pass him the ball”. Let me repeat, on EVERY SINGLE PLAY!

If we beat a team who beat another team, don’t assume we’re automatically better than said team and brag about it. Just because UNLV beat North Carolina and Davidson beat KU, doesn’t mean Wichita State is automatically better than North Carolina and KU. Remember Missouri State beat Creighton, that doesn’t make them better than us since we beat Missouri St.

Remember personal hygiene. We don’t want to be known as the “stinky fans” now do we?

Any of you have rules to add to this blog?

Otherwise, who else is looking forward to the MVC Tournament and March Madness? This truly has all the makings of a magical year. We just have to keep playing at the high level we are at. Gregg Marshall has done a fantastic job. And like all of you, I too am loving every second of it.



Senior Night this Saturday at home. Game is already sold out but if you can find a way to get a ticket to the game, I urge you all to go. Saw this online, figured I’d pass it on
Go Shox!


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  1. "Don't make fun of the other team's student section when you're one of the 30-40 year olds that sit in the front row of the student section for our home games"


  2. Don't refer to the Shockers or any team for that matter as "we". Unless you are on the floor, field or other playing surface as a player you are not a member of that team. "They" are the Shockers, "we" are not.

  3. Ugh – worse thing in the world. Going to a bar to get a drink or some wings and forgetting there's a college game on TV. Usually a mind-blowing concentration of nitwits, pinheads, and "likes-to-fight" guys. (Thanks, Jim Rome).

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