Pacific Coast Pizza’s Reply!

Way way back in October, many of you may have read my Pacific Coast Pizza Dilemma blog.

I wrote about how I tried reaching out to Pacific Coast Pizza only to receive no replies from them. Their wings are some of my favorite in town and I was reaching out to them in hopes they would improve their service instead of writing an entire blog blasting them. Well since I didn’t receive a reply, I wrote the blog.

I was cleaning out my mailbox and noticed days after my blog, I finally received a reply from them which honestly was all I ever wanted. The e-mail must have gotten lost in the shuffle. But here’s the reply:

Hello, I would like to start by saying that I still do not see and email from you in our inbox and had no idea of any issues until seeing the link to your blog post on our facebook page. I yes I did delete the link to your blog. With that said.. I am the owners wife and I am equally as upset about the service that you and many other people have been receiving lately. We are trying so hard to do everything that we can to fix the issues with our service and make all of our customer happy 100% of the time. I wish i would have been in the restaurant so that you could have spoken to me personally about this upsetting service when it took place. We have put into place a few steps to try and fix the issues we have had such as, retraining our staff when needed, performing more frequent staff evaluations, giving customer comment/suggestions cards so we know where we need to improve and using secret shopping to evaluate us randomly so we know how we are ALL performing as a staff together and where changes still need to be made. If you have any suggestions I would be happy to hear them. This is my personal email address which I check multiple times a day, so feel free to email me anytime. Also, If you would be interested I would love to have you come in as a secret shopper in about a month and evaluate the changes we have made. If you are willing to do this to help us improve our service I will email the secret shopper evaluation list to use on your visit. I will mail you a gift card to cover the expenses for your visit. I’m sorry that you felt you issues were of no concern to us, but i assure you they are. If you never eat here again I would at least like for you to know that we will be doing everything we can to change your mind and anyone else who has ever had a bad experience in our restaurant.

Let it be known, I have not been back to Pacific Coast Pizza in sometime. I was so turned off my the whole experience that I figured I would just find food elsewhere. A reply was given back and I do intend on going back soon with hopes their service has improved. I’m interested to see if the exact same wait staff is there from beforehand. I’m all about second chances or in Pacific Coast Pizza’s third or fourth…… So here’s to another try at PCP. I’ll definitely report back my findings……..

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  1. We're all excited because we didn't get a form letter response? Alrighty…..

    Typical NON-response, if you ask me. There's a reason there are long hours when you run a restaurant. You have to be there ALL THE TIME. I'll never go back.

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