AVI Seabar and Chophouse Update

Way back in January, I wrote a blog on AVI Seabar and Chophouse. It wasn’t too pleasant and I even had quite the comments on the blog: http://wichitabyeb.blogspot.com/2012/01/avi-seafood-and-chophouse-race-to-100.html

Well early this morning on Kansas.com, an article was posted on the status of AVI. I guess in the first six months of business, the owner has lost $225,000.

Now one has to wonder what if the place had excellent service, could AVI have been more successful? I know for myself, I would never go back there again and have made sure to make my sentiments known. Any time I get a request for a recommendation on fine dining, I’ll rattle off a hundred other restaurants before AVI.

I’m sure service wasn’t their only issue; location probably had a lot to do with it too. But I really think that a place with excellent food and service can survive in nearly any location in Wichita.

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