Day Three of Live Below The Line

I’ll make this short and sweet.
Day 3 was miserable.
Breakfast was two peanut butter sandwiches and two glasses of water.
Fast-forward to lunch. I’m out of ramen noodles, out of bananas, and didn’t feel like eating peanut butter sandwiches. They were getting old. So I skipped lunch.
Fortunately staying busy kept my mind occupied. When I got home, I ate leftover spaghetti and meat sauce and watched TV. All the NBA games on TV kept me from thinking about eating anymore food for the day.
Only thing I have left is four slices of bread and a bag of noodles, needless to say I’m going to have to throw in the towel on Thursday. I have a three hour drive ahead of me for personal travel in the evening which follows a personal dinner engagement that was suddenly put on my calendar.
Driving on an empty stomach would be no good for my safety, at least that’s what I’m telling myself.
How people in third world countries live off of such small amounts of food is beyond me. When you see those commercials of the starving children all over the world and how skinny they are, I totally believe it. How they can even crack a smile surprises me. Seriously being hungry all the time really messes with your mood. I was far from “starvation” but deep into constantly being hungry that it effected how I felt, what my mind was thinking, etc. It’s no overreaction. I also learned I will probably never make it on the TV show, Survivor. Being hungry and having to only eat rice and whatever you can find will make me constantly paranoid about being voted off.
Thursday night, I’m going to make up on some lost food time.

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