Day Two of Live Below The Line

Day 2 officially in the books.
Tuesday started off with a banana and a couple spoonfuls of peanut butter. I was extremely hungry from the night before but it was enough to hold off the appetite until later. By the way, thanks to all the suggestions on banana and peanut butter. Best combo I’ve had in the past couple weeks since 7Up and vodka. As the morning progressed, I found myself to be more tired than usual. I was running on the same amount of sleep as usual, if not more, so read into that what you will.
Once noon hit, I decided to change it up and go with a bag of ramen noodles for lunch. For some reason, it took me a while to finish it. Rewinding back to when I first moved out of my first parents, ramen noodles would easily suffice for lunch. Fast-forward to today, it was probably the most unsatisfying lunch I’ve had in a long time.
Throughout the rest of the day, my energy level was really low. It was a mixture of being sore from basketball, lack of food, and lack of proper nutrients. I was drinking water throughout the day but that starts to taste bland when you’re hungry. I considered adding peanut butter, pepper, and hand sanitizer….something, just to throw the taste off and change it up a bit. Side note, hand sanitizer is 62% ethyl alcohol, is that even safe mixed in water?
The moment I got home, I crashed and crashed fast. Couple hours later, I found myself lying in bed wondering what happened. It felt like midnight but it was really 7 pm. Took me a while to figure out what woke me up. My stomach. Walked over to my kitchen, boiled some water, dropped the spaghetti in it and waited until completion. Spaghetti and meat sauce for dinner again sounded like the plan. This time around, each time I took a bite I could literally taste the small morsels of meat in the sauce. I savored each bite.
I finished my dinner while watching my Redbox movie and sat on the couch thinking to myself, “I just spent more on my movie rental than my dinner.”
If my life was a movie, I’d probably call it “Hunger Games”.
So with Day 2 over, I found myself to be hungrier than day one. My mood was kind of in a funk, my energy levels were low, and I was really annoyed at all the Facebook pictures and Tweets I would see of people’s food. It’s like they are rubbing it in my face subconsciously.
Have a great Wednesday everybody. Enjoy your hamburgers, steaks, lobster, $5 foot longs, fries, chicken, sushi, etc.
(Why did I just type that, officially getting hungrier again)

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