Costco Is Coming To Wichita!

Five years ago, the Wichita Eagle put out a poll that asked what businesses you would like to come to Wichita.  What was one of the more popular responses? You guessed it: Costco.
If you build it, they will come
Is everybody excited? I am. I have never stepped foot inside a Costco before but all the people that have talked about them, say nothing but good things. Plus let’s face it, there are only three ways to get people in the city of Wichita excited.
  1. Have the city of Wichita name dropped on a tv show or in the movies.
  2. The Shockers winning
  3. A new restaurant or business opening up in the city.
The funny thing is, everybody reading this knows those three things are true.
Recently, the Regional Marketing Manager with Costco reached out to me about the Costco opening and sent me some information and a couple products to just look at as I’m not familiar with Costco’s products. I’ll be invited to an event to preview the merchandise and sample some of their most popular items. I’m also in talks with them to provide a reader giveaway; more to come on that at a later time.
So what do we know now?
They are set to open this summer on Wednesday, June 3 at 8:00 am. Some people use vacation time that time of year to take their kids on family vacations. Me, I might be using it to attend a store opening. (Typing that out and reading that back to myself made me feel slightly more depressed about my life.)
The building is located at the northeast corner of Kellogg and Webb. It’s very nice to know they chose to build their Wichita location on perhaps the best side of town…..the east side.
Basic Memberships will run $55 a year (Let’s see if we can talk Costco into giving out a free membership out to a lucky reader.) For more information on memberships you can go here:
While driving by the building, I did notice there was a tent across the street just west of Costco that was starting to sell memberships.
Also if you are interested in working for Costco, they are now hiring also. You can apply at

Costco sent me some of their Kirkland brand mixed nuts to try and so far pretty good. Opinions I’ve gathered on them while sharing were, “they were fresh”, “they were good sized”, and “they weren’t overly salty”. One lady went as far as to say, they were the best nuts she’s ever had. I look forward to trying more of what Costco has to offer. For the record, it’s hard to get people’s opinion on mixed nuts with a straight face.
So follow along as we await Wichita’s newest business, Costco!

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