Project Best Wichita Burger: Update #1

It’s been less than a week since I’ve decided to do Project Best Wichita Burger. I’ve scoured the internet gathering opinions on restaurant suggestions, how to rate burgers, what makes a good burger, how often to eat out, etc. Thank you everybody for your support and assistance.

In the past week, I’ve gone against conventional wisdom, basic common sense and my doctor’s orders. I don’t want to say how many burgers I’ve had because the last thing I need is another “I told you so.” I think my female readers can attest that “Men just don’t listen” and I’m a proud example of that.

What originally started off as a two month project will now be a three month project. Knowing how I feel right now, I don’t think my aging body can take doing 30 burgers in 60 days. I blame two things for this. My own stupidity and my friends who come over uninvited to my house, kidnap me, and take me to eat a burger.

About an hour after eating a burger for dinner on Friday, my body essentially told me, “I refuse to keep allowing you to put burgers in this beautiful body at the pace you’re going.” Leaving me no choice, I had to agree, with my body’s decision that is not the beautiful body part.

Saturday was a day of burger rest for me and it allowed me time to really nail down my weighted burger rating scale. It is as follows:

Burger Meat: 28%
Burger Bun: 26%
Burger Juiciness: 26%
Toppings: 10%
Price: 5%
Experience: 5%

By all accounts, everybody felt the burger meat was the most important part of the burger. Then most opinions on the bun and juiciness were back and forth on what was more important but all felt it could really make a break a burger. Then toppings was the majority winner in toppings. Price was last in most people’s opinion as sometimes you do have to pay good money for good food. Lastly I included a new scale called experience.

Experience: The ambiance of the environment, the customer service, the ease of ordering, etc. When choosing a best burger, the experience of it all does matter. I do hold some stock in the place I’m eating at, how good the customer service is and what not. But it’s not as important as the actual burger so I just valued this at 5% of it’s overall rating.

My plan is to have this done by the end of June. And then release my findings to all of you reading now. Then get a colon cleanse and go on a health kick for a month before I begin my next stupid adventure.

Haven’t read the original blog on this project? You can read that here!

That’s all for now. Happy Dining.


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