Promise Thai Cuisine Review

So Fresh and So Clean Clean

For nine years and two months, Promise Thai Cuisine has been a popular favorite by many in Wichita. It’s one of the highest rated Thai restaurants on Urbanspoon.

Located at 313 S. Greenwich Road, Promise Thai Cuisine serves your basic Thai staples, barbecue, seafood and vegetarian food. Sitting close to the Northwest corner of Kellogg and Greenwich, some may be surprised by how nice the building is. It’s very clean inside with a beautiful calming environment as you walk in. They had Elvis Presley playing softly in the background, I almost wish they had a microphone so I could do some karaoke.

Their hours are Monday – Saturday 11am – 9 pm.

On my dinner, I went with the medium spicy Tom Yum Kai soup (chicken with mushroom and exotic spices blended in a lime juice broth) and an order of Pad Thai.

The Tom Yum Kai was great. Not too much fluff inside the soup; just delicious brother, tender chicken and some spices mixed in. The worst part about the soup? I didn’t have the patience to wait for it to cool down so I sit here with a burnt tongue.

The Pad Thai? I ordered it with pork but thinking back on it I wish I had ordered the shrimp instead. The noodles were cooked great. I could have had it spicier but my server didn’t ask me and it didn’t cross my mind. Pad Thai wasn’t very salty, dry, doused with too much sauce; just a clean not so heavy meal.

My server whom I believe was also the owner with his wife cooking in the back was extremely nice. Everything was “Sir this” and “Sir that”. He was a very kind man who played the role of server, cashier, busboy, greeter. He did it all in the front, and probably the reason why the restaurant looked so clean inside. Admittedly getting refills were a bit slow not just for me but others who happened to be in the restaurant. By the looks of things, Promise Thai Cuisine looked to be a two person show. I’m not sure if it’s like that during other times in the day.

A dum dum for dessert!

Overall, I give the place a thumbs up. Such friendly service albeit it wee bit on the slow side, good tasting clean food and a great atmosphere to be in. I can imagine that this would be a great lunch spot for those that work in Cessna/Beechcraft/Hawker Beechcraft/Textron or whoever they’ve been purchased by the latest. My bet is the Steven family adds aircraft to their conglomerate. Regardless, it’d be a great lunch spot for anybody who works in that area.

I know some of you come here for the honest opinions and how I rank the food compared to other establishments in Wichita. Would I go as far as to say this is the best Thai food I’ve had in Wichita? I wouldn’t but I would say this is worth a try for you.

Lastly I want to thank the ladies at the Girls Scouts in Wichita for being loyal readers to the blog and thank you to Amanda there for making the suggestion of Promise Thai Cuisine. It was worth the trip and a place I’ll be visiting again soon.

Happy Dining,

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