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I’d like to introduce everybody to one of the cheapest meal deals in town: Fried Rice. I’m not talking about the meal….well I sort of am…..I’m talking about a little hole in the wall restaurant on the south side of town creatively named Fried Rice!

This little spot is located at 2419 S. Glendale which is near Pawnee and Oliver (accessible right off of Pawnee). They are open Monday through Saturday from 11 am to 9 pm.

According to their Facebook page, they’ve been open for 26 years and I’ve only recently heard about this place through a friend while discussing random restaurants. After watching an episode of Pawn Stars one afternoon, I decided to head to south Wichita to see what treasures I could find. Of course, I didn’t find a thing and I’m certain every episode of Pawn Stars is made up and cool items are strategically placed in those shops you see on TV. Regardless since I was in that part of town, it only made sense I grabbed some dinner.

Thanks to my handy Urbanspoon app, I searched for restaurants nearby and by the grace of God, Fried Rice came up.

I mentioned earlier Fried Rice was one of the cheapest meals in town. I saw about three items on their menu but everybody I saw only ordered “The Special” for $4. For four Washington’s (because they accept cash only), you get a pint of fried rice (shrimp, pork or chicken), two eggrolls and a pop or water.

The evening I went in, they were out of shrimp so I ordered the chicken fried rice. The lady was extremely pleasant when I came in to order my food, grabbed my own drink from the fridge there, and then I was off on my way. There’s limited seating inside and I wasn’t even sure if people were allowed to sit there because everybody I saw ordered their food to go and left.

I was headed home to eat my dinner but the aroma was so sensational and I couldn’t resist. I was this close to eating and driving because the smell was so distracting. What did I end up doing? I pulled over into a random Dillons parking lot and started eating my food. If anybody last week happened to drive down the street and see a guy joyfully eating fried rice out of a container and taking pictures of his food, that was me.

Ever since my aunt passed away a year ago, I really haven’t had really good fried rice in Wichita. Everybody will always think their family’s home cooking is the best and it’s hard to compare. Some of the stuff I have is decent to good but nothing that has stood out. The fried rice at the aptly named Fried Rice is easily the best I’ve had in this past year. It wasn’t super salty, overly buttered, dry, or bland. Everything that good fried rice should be, it was. It made total sense that the name of this restaurant is Fried Rice. Even the chicken which I was a little sketchy about was tasty.

While standing in the parking lot at the Harry and Edgemoor Dillons, a random stranger came up to me and asked if I had any spare change on me. Unfortunately I didn’t but what I did have on me were two eggrolls. I offered him one to which he obliged and he walked off. (If you’re that random stranger, please e-mail me at and let me know your thoughts on the eggroll I gave you! I’d love to include your thoughts on this blog!) As for the second eggroll, I put it down as dessert and it was good. I wouldn’t call it out of this world like the fried rice was but a good compliment to my meal.

If you’re looking for a good cheap meal, Fried Rice is your spot. Next time I go golfing at Clapp Golf Course, I’m going to be sure to grab my post golf meal here. It’s worth your four dollars to check out.

Happy Dining,

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