Jack’s Coffee Shop Review

Is this a home or a restaurant?

May 28th is National Burger Day so it only made sense to write a burger review even though I’m in the middle of Project Best Wichita Burger. This morning, we head way down south to Jack’s Coffee Shop.

Where? What? Who?

Yes, there is probably a huge percentage of you all that have never heard of Jack’s Coffee Shop. I was one of those until I started looking up burger places in Wichita. I think there was only one friend of mine who’s actually been here before and he made sure this restaurant was added to my list of burger places to venture out on……

………..and so we did.

Jack’s Coffee Shop is located at 6154 S Hydraulic which is right at 61st and south Hydraulic. Don’t drive too quick or you will miss this place while driving down the road. I know I did as did another friend.

Jack’s Coffee Shop is open Monday thru Saturday from 11 am to 2 pm and closed on Sunday. They have a limited window of time for you to come in and try one of their burgers.

Inside the place is not that big; probably around 9 tables inside. It has the look of an old house with beams literally keeping the place up. Jack’s Coffee Shop has been open for roughly 40 years. They used to be a bar back in the day but has changed to just a burger shop since.

To be honest, I didn’t even ask if they served coffee (it wasn’t on the menu) or why they were called Jack’s Coffee Shop. So let’s make something up. “Jack’s Coffee Shop was opened many years ago by a gentlemen named Jack who loved making burgers and selling coffee.”. Sound good enough? Good. Let’s move on.

Their menu is very limited. You can order one of two things to eat; a hamburger or a cheeseburger. To multiply those options, you could order a large or a small. The larger burger is a full pound patty while the small burger is a half pound burger; not exactly my definition of small but we all went with it. Except for one friend who ordered the large cheeseburger.

Our burgers came out immediately after the burgers were done. They came right off the grill and were still piping hot when they arrived at our table along with a full bucket of chips. The lady also brought us a plate of grilled onions to put on our burger.

The Large Cheeseburger was so large it nearly reached the edges of the plate it came on. I was impressed and intimidated by the pure size of that thing. It really put the small burger to shame. My buddy who ordered the Large Cheeseburger put it down quicker than the remaining two of us who had the “Small” burgers and I use small lightly.

The Large!
The Small…….


At the table was a little tupperware container of pickles and then spicy peppers and carrots. We all tried one of them and they were indeed spicy; spicy enough that I finished my glass of water. 

My friend who ordered the large cheeseburger was a big fan of his burger; he’s also just a big fan of the place. My other buddy really liked his burger and sentiments were shared by both, they would go again. I, for one, liked the burger. Did I love it? Was it one of the best in Wichita? Everybody will have to wait to find out when the Project Best Wichita Burger results are revealed.

The service was beyond friendly. The lady who ran the place was so nice to us and catered to every single need we had. She made the experience of it all that much more enjoyable.

If you are a big fan of dive restaurants and love visiting establishments that have been around a long time and have a great feel to it, places with lots of character, Jack’s Coffee Shop is for you; one of the hidden gems tucked away in south Wichita. I’m glad my buddy Damon introduced me to this place and came along for the ride. It’s truly an experience every “foodie” would enjoy.

For the people who love to eat, order a Quad. It has four patties on it with cheese. The owner told us about it and sent me a picture of one that a guy ordered and finished it. If you think the Large was big, check this out:

I’m getting stuffed just looking at it.

Otherwise Happy Dining and Happy National Burger Day!

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1 thought on “Jack’s Coffee Shop Review”

  1. This was a great recommendation. After we drove by it, turned around, gps'd and found it, we pulled up and my wife was pretty skeptical about even going in. She is glad she did… great, GREAT, burger. I think it deserves to go a lot higher on your list, but that's preference, I suppose!

    Anyway, thanks for the great recommendation! It was everything yoo said it was and more.

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