Project Best Wichita Burger: Update #5

Topping Free

After participating in the the Ragnar Relay Series, I have finally jumped back on the burger wagon. The previous week, I had a total of zero burgers; trying to eat somewhat healthy in anticipation of my race. Since my race, I have signed up for a full 26.2 mile marathon, ran zero miles, AND managed to fit in a few burgers!

My total tally is now at 16 burger restaurants with roughly 12-14 to go depending if I decide to take a place or two off my list.

This week I went to some of the more obscure burger restaurants. The places that most of the reader base probably don’t travel too often. This was one of the more fun weeks since unlike other weeks, this week consisted of places I’ve never been to and never heard of before the whole burger project started.

A couple friends were able to join me on a couple of the adventures; friends who were first timers on this burger project. I needed to inject some new blood into these excursions with me because other friends were sick of either 1.) eating burgers or 2.) me. I’m guessing a mixture of both.

As always these updates are a way to keep me motivated and to keep me accountable so I don’t lose track of the end goal and finish this deal.

Looks as though my plan is to still finish this by the first week of July and I’m now back on pace after a week full of burgers. The Best Wichita Burger Project is over halfway done. I can see the finish line. While I have a 26.2 mile marathon to train for sooner or later, there are 26+ burgers I need to finish first.

Happy Dining All.


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