Project Best Wichita Burger: Update #6

I can see the finish line to the Best Wichita Burger Project!

Don’t Drop That Bun Bun Bun

My total tally is now 18 burger restaurants. That puts me with just 10-12 restaurants depending on how my list turns out when I’m finished.

Looking at my calendar, my goal is to be finished by no later than June 30th and starting the results in a blog on July 1st and releasing the list one by one, day by day, so the month of July would be the Month of Burgers here at Wichita By E.B.

As for the locations left, I’m completely done with all burgers on the northeast side of town so all places I have left will be a longer drive and travel for me.

One thing I’ve noticed is I feel fine after 2 burgers but if I try to surpass that and go a third burger in one week, I start to feel sick. Although I can say I still enjoy a good burger and my taste buds still haven’t quit on me, I’m getting to the point that after this Burger Project is over, I’ll be done eating burgers for quite some time.

Between this and determining the best hummus, I’ve already started thinking about the next fun project to do. One thing for sure is, whatever it is, it won’t be as comprehensive and as in depth as this project is. Not sure my body will allow me to do anything on a large scale like this for some time.

Until then this burger project continues!

Happy Dining All.

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