Project Best Wichita Burger: Update #7

We are now down to just single digits left for  Project Best Wichita Burger! I can either go two a week and be done by the end of June or go three a week and be done in three weeks.

Less than 10 to go!

I have many friends and some readers out there who are getting excited to see what the results of these outings are. So many have commented to me over the past couple months what they believe should be the #1 burger.

One thing is for sure, there will be some upset readers and restaurants out there that believe whatever burger deserve to be rated higher than another. Some readers out there will think that the whole process was a joke and I bet some will even say that I don’t know what a good burger even is.

My only response to that is, “Maybe so, but this whole project is to rank the best burgers in my opinion.” Everybody’s opinion of food is totally different.

Just take a look at the Best Hummus in Wichita Project. When the votes were tallied, they were all across the board. One person thought Dillons had the nastiest hummus they’ve ever tasted, while another thought it was in the top 3. I’ve had people comment to me thinking N&J’s should have been much higher or that Bella Luna didn’t deserve to be number one.

This isn’t like ranking the Top Shocker Basketball players of all time where there are hard statistics to prove one over the other. This is all just personal preference of one burger over another and what one values as good.

This past week, I was able to try a some burgers from places I’ve never been to and I was quite surprised at the burgers I received and ate.

People ask me all the time if a certain burger is leading the way. To be honest, I don’t really know. I have numbers and comments put in this excel spreadsheet but since it’s all a weighted scale, I haven’t put in the formulas to determine the final figures. Thus leaving me in the dark on who really is the best burger. I’m probably just as excited as most of you to see who wins.

So here we stand on the final day of May. By this time next month, three months of eating burgers will be complete. Who wins? Anybody care to guess?

Happy Dining All.

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  1. Looking forward to the results. My husband is a huge burger freak and will be excited to try new places; his cholesterol not so much..

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