Tacos Y Mas Review: “Or Should It Be No Mas?”

With the popularity of Churn and Burn (reviewed here), a common question I receive is “Have you been to the Mexican restaurant next door?”

Today, I can say I’ve been there. The restaurant is called Tacos Y Mas.

They are located at 552 S Oliver and serve your basic authentic Mexican staples. (I’ll post the menu at the end of the blog).

They are open from Tuesday thru Sunday 10 am to 10 pm and closed on Mondays.

Inside, there are bright yellow and green colors all over the building, from the walls to the tables to the bench seating. I walked in and sort of stood there until an older gentleman sitting with his family told me I could sit anywhere.

After sitting for a few minutes, that same older gentleman left his table to tell a lady behind the counter, a customer was here. The lady eventually came over to me with the menu and chips and salsa. I ordered a water and asked for a few minutes to glance over the menu. Once looking at it, they had a bit of everything one could want from a Mexican restaurant. I decided to go with the tacos and ordered four (barbacoa, pork, chicken, and chorizo) along with a side of rice.

While I waited for my order, I jumped right into the chips and salsa. You are given two options when you come in, a mild and a hot. The hot was as advertised; very hot but no flavor to them whatsoever. The mild was more bearable, but had the texture and feel as if it were watered down. And the chips? They tasted stale, but since they were there, I kept on eating them.

$2.25 a piece

My waitress brought out my food and sat at a nearby table in front of me with her back facing me and played on her phone.

The first taco I had was the chicken. The tacos were all stuffed with a lot of meat, unfortunately there wasn’t any flavor to the first one I had. The chicken was well cooked but lacked any seasoning. It’s as if they grilled the chicken with no spices and put the chicken in the taco. Next was the pork, which is my favorite meat in a taco. I finished it, but the pork tasted dry. The last two were the barbacoa and the chorizo. I ate half of each one and didn’t finish them. Just picking up the taco, grease would begin to spill out. When I was picking up the barbacoa taco, juices the color of blood would just come oozing out turned me off from finishing it.

This was the first time I’ve ever gone to eat street tacos and not finish my meal. The only part I would really enjoy was the rice that I put down with ease.

I should also note, the entire time I was eating, my waitress stayed seated in her chair the entire time. Halfway through dinner, my water was empty and not one time did she get up to ask how dinner was, refill my drink or even a courtesy turn over her shoulder to check on me. I even had to get up to grab my ticket to pay. I was surprised they didn’t make me run my own card, either.

Overall, just a horrible experience. I won’t be visiting this place again. No Mas.

Happy Dining,



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4 thoughts on “Tacos Y Mas Review: “Or Should It Be No Mas?””

  1. Have you ever tried "El Jalisco" on 47th St. S.? Amazing, and run by very sweet people. Sorry this was not so satisfactory!

  2. I have had the same experience. I ordered beef tacos with a side order of chili con queso dip with tea. The wasters wanders off to the back to place the order as I sit there I realized I forgot to tell her I wanted it on Sweeten so I got up to go tell her. As I got to the cash register I hear The Cook’s a they’re not going to rate the cheese dip for just one person tell him we’re out of cheese. She comes up and tells me that there add a cheese not realizing I understand Spanish and I overheard their conversation but I said no problem and told her I wanted the Tea unsweetened. I go back wait for my order weather Spanish music playing in allowed TVs drowning each other out and a kid running around playing some type of video game spelling Coke all over the floor. She brings me my chips I ate the chips and she starts to clean up the spill or some kind of toxic chemical and decide she’s going to clean all the Restaurant floor. The cook bring is ma food to the to the front without washing her hands or she scraps the map and grabbed my plates and brings it to the table. Then go back to cleaning the floor for another basket of chips not knowing that there’s chips we’re going to cost me more money. All other restaurants are complimentary refill. If he is or so greasy it drips off the plate. The beans were runny almost to water. I said there was no T waiting for a refill when she never came I’ll holler several times and still no answer finally had to get up and wave until she finally saw me and ask for a refill. Not knowing that the refill is going to cost me another $2 none of this is on the menu is on a little sign over the cash register way above your head where you do not see it. When I go to leave with the unfinished meal so I could not take the grease and not needing to change the oil in my car I left it there. I go to pay the bill with an extra $6 charge for chips and drink tell her I want a discount cuz I didn’t even take two sips out of the drink because you took so long to get it to me and the meal was not even edible. What she refused to do telling her I would never return Seagram’s and said that’s okay. The place was abandoned when I got there to begin with they must be about to go out of business.

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