Yo-B Yogurt and Burgers Review: Featuring Cylee and Bella

For over a year now, Yo-B Yogurt and Burgers have been serving people of all ages, yogurt and burgers all in a little one spot shop in the middle of Old Town. Located at 303 N. Mead St, just south of the Downtown Warren Theatre, Yo-B has picked up quite a following. I’ve heard from many people that I should include Yo-B’s burgers in my Project Best Wichita Burger, so that will remain to be seen.

Yo-B Yogurt and Burgers is open seven days a week. Monday to Thursday 11 am – 9 pm. Friday and Saturday 11 am to 10 pm and Sunday from 11 am to 8 pm.

They have a very bright and vibrant building. Inside there is plenty of seating including little small tables seen below with the white circular tables. If you close closely, you can pull out white little chairs perfect for kids……and apparently me to sit at. Outside, there is a quaint little patio for when it’s nice not raining in Wichita which happens oh…..ummmmm………… never.

For my visit to Yo-B Yogurt and Burgers, I decided to take my nieces out on National Burger Day where they of course would forgo the burger and opt just for yogurt. Yo-B has no lactose free options and I’m lactose intolerant and occasionally can take some medication to help me but I did not have any on me that afternoon so I was going to sit this review out and leave this review in the words of Cylee and Bella.

They’ve been with me on other excursions such as Rita’s Italian Ice. So I’d like to formally introduce two 4-year old girls who could have a long future on this blog with me and will be taking over the reigns on this one for me. Ladies and Gentlemen, I bring to you my guest reviewers: Cylee and Bella.

Cylee has been to Yo-B many times before. Having known that it was Bella and I’s first time to this establishment, she would give us a quick tour of what to do and how it operates.

(A rough summary of how she explained it). The first stop is where you grab your cups to put the yogurt in (it’s all similar to competitors like Orange Leaf). But before you get your cups, you can use tiny little tasting cups. These tiny little cups are used to get FREE samples where you can try anything you want for FREE before you buy it. You need an adult to pour you the sample so you don’t make a mess. (Reason #1 of why I was there).



The next step is walking over to all the cool things you can add in your yogurt. The best thing to add are the little bubbles (technically called Bobas). And there is also a place to get sprinkles and other candy to add in your yogurt.

Bella’s expressions can be summed up in one word: “Wowwwwwwwwwwwww”.

I try to keep a low profile when I go in to review a restaurant; not the girls. Cylee introduced herself to the lady running the register and asked if she knew who she was (since she’s been in before). Apparently, Cylee thinks she’s already a regular and celebrity. Bella would inform the lady they were cousins which Cylee would also repeat which then in turn Bella would repeat again which then in turn Cylee would repeat yet again. Then they would end with, “We are best friends!”. At no point, would I receive any sort of introduction. Story of my life.

The girls would then sample a couple of the yogurt options. There was a large assortment to choose from like chocolate custard, strawberry cheesecake, tiramisu, cappuccino, chocolate, among others. Bella settled on blueberry and Cylee settled on green apple. For their toppings they both wanted cherry “bubbles” aka bobas and sprinkles. I was shocked that they did not want any other options. With such a wide range (85 to choose from), they surprisingly kept it simple.

The next step I was told was to pay. At this point, the girls just walked away and seated themselves leaving me stranded to pay for it all. (Reason #2 of why I was there). The frozen yogurt or custard is all 42 cents an ounce regardless of what you get.

With such a small amount of what they got because they had to still eat dinner at their parents, it didn’t turn out to be much; a small price to pay for love literally.

Playing the role of server, I brought the girls or in their minds, princesses their yogurts. As usual, they tried their owns, tried each others, mixed both of them together and tried them at the same time. If a stranger was sitting by us, I’m pretty sure they would have tried theirs as well.

As they were eating, I asked what their valued opinions were of the yogurt. Both responded with the exact same thing, “Good!”. Such descriptive young minds.

I asked what their favorite part of the yogurt was and they both responded with the exact same thing, “Bubbles!”.

Bella then elaborated on the bobas, “I suck on them and they POP!” (Please note the emphasis on pop.)

Cylee carried on the point by noting, “Whenever you bite them, They pop and there are juices in them. It’s good!”

Of the two kids, Cylee scarfed hers down in what felt like minutes and Bella nibbled away at hers in what felt like hours.

Once finished, I wanted to get their final opinions of Yo-B and here’s what they said.

Cylee: “OK, I have a plan. Let’s come again tomorrow.”

Bella: “I don’t know if I can come back, I have a brain freeze” (How a kid gets a brain freeze after taking 10 hours to eat a small cup is beyond me.)

Cylee: “I really like it”

Bella: “I do too!”

Me: “Bella, I thought you said you had a brain freeze.”

Bella; “It’s gone.”

So take it from Cylee and Bella folks. Sounds like there might be a return visit to Yo-B Yogurt and Burgers.

I should note, that the floor plan is so open at Yo-B, there’s plenty of room to dance. Since the girls just finished with dance practice, they couldn’t stop moving and dancing when Ellie Goulding’s “Love Me Like You Do” came on. I can’t blame them, it’s a really catchy song. So I apologize to anybody who tried to have a peaceful dinner and couldn’t with two girls shaking their booties.

This is the first time that a food review on here has not really had my opinion on it. So if you trust two 4 year old girl’s opinion, get your butt over to Yo-B Yogurt and Burgers.

Happy Dining,

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