The Ideal Father’s Day Restaurant Choices

The big holiday is coming up!

Where does one take their father, in-law, sibling, husband, boyfriend, friend, or any father in general to eat for Father’s Day?

It can be a tough decision and one that can be argued over for hours to the point where you are no longer hungry and just decide not to eat. Be honest with yourself, you’ve argued with someone before on where to eat.

Father’s Day is a special day set aside to honor father’s out there. What better gift out there than to take them out to eat because let’s be real, A Man’s Gotta Eat!

The staff here at Wichita By E.B. decided to help you out in making your decision easier; to narrow down the choices. We asked many fathers that live here and used to live here in Wichita on what their ideal place to eat for Father’s Day are. Some of the people we asked may actually be your husband, your father, your friend, whatever…………so it could be a useful resource for you.

Some of the answers may be surprising, some may not. Regardless I bring to you the most ideal restaurant choices as given by the Fathers of Wichita!


The question

“I’m asking fathers in the community what three restaurants they’d love to go to for Father’s Day? What three restaurants would you choose?”

Robert Brown: Scotch and Sirloin, Sumo or Carrabba’s

Ivan Gomez: Chester’s, Firebirds, Newport Grill

Jason Ridder: Sumo, Newport Grill, Ziggy’s Pizza

Aaron Ryan: NuWay is a tradition, Barn’rds is a family staple. Last one would probably be Felipe’s. Family owned for a family gathering.

Where to Eat for Father’s Day?

Jason Williamson: I’m not too picky and am so used to going places we can find something the kids will eat. But I guess if I had to choose it would be Texas Roadhouse, Old Chicago or Piccadilly.

Aaron Bushell: I would say The Beacon for breakfast, Public at Brickyard for lunch, Redrock Canyon Grill for a nice steak dinner.

Brandon McConnell: The three restaurants I would choose are Bella Luna, Thai Traditions, and El Agave. Three choices though are probably based largely on what I can’t get here.

Andy King: Redrock, Taste and See, and Sabor

Chris Brittain: Stearman’s, Ziggy’s and Redrock.

Luke Luttrell: Redrock, Ziggy’s Pizza, The Anchor

Justin Carruthers: On the Border, The Beacon, and Piccadilly (brunch buffet)

Ryan Bulger: Texas Roadhouse, Bonefish Grill, and Redrock

Mike Postiglione: Felipe’s Jr (Harry and Webb, the best of the Felipe’s), Bella Vita Bistro (hard to find good Italian in town, it’s one of the few good ones), Public at the Brickyard (only been there once for Sunday breakfast, it was great, and have never heard a bad word said about the place).

Brian Howell: Chesters, Redrock and Barn’rds

Jeremny Peters: I don’t live in Wichita anymore but my choices would be Cinnamon’s Deli, Felipe’s and Nuway because I can’t get those in Dallas.

Will Harmon: Larry Bud’s, Stearmans, B&C Creations

Zack Miller: Sumo, Scotch and Sirloin, Sweet Basil

Thomas Gangel: Taste and See, Luciano’s, Bonefish Grill

Jason Jabara: I have to pick places where my kids will eat. They’re both kind of picky, but if I can get them to go somewhere once, then they’ll go back again. They both like Mexican food a lot but they are really picky about the their queso. Since queso and cheese in general isn’t a big part of the real mexican food scene found on north Broadway, we’d probably keep it east side. They both like El Agave. If I had my pick, and since its newly re-opened, we would go to Sweet Basil.  Lastly, i would pick somewhere for myself. Sometimes you just want a good steak. I like Chester’s just like everyone else, but for my money, I would go with Red Rock. So El Agave, Sweet Basil or Red Rock.

David Mears: Bricktown Brewery, Texas Roadhouse, Los Cocos

Brad Dill: I like The Public, The Anchor and Dempseys. All awesome, beer selection is good, relaxing atmosphere and creative but not expensive food. I could throw in Hank Is Wiser as well.

Cause who doesn’t love a good fake stock
happy family picture found on the internet.

Donielle Watson: Red Rock Canyon, Texas Roadhouse (ribeye steak), Bella Luna

Brandon Moreno: Bella Vita, Sabor, Abuelos

Jason Rose: I’d say N&J Cafe, Harvest (Kitchen and Bar), Monarch

Chad Lubrano: Kobe’s Steakhouse, Da Cajun Shak, El Agave (we go there all the time, they know us there now)

David Segraves: Strouds, Riverside Cafe (breakfast) Or TJ’s Burgers (burger, shake and onion rings)

Robert Anderson: I’m a fan of Applebee’s, Chili’s and Olive Garden

Matt Davis: Here are the places that I would choose in no particular order. For lunch or dinner, I would choose Redrock or Sabor. For breakfast, I would choose Doo-Dah Diner.

Dustin Lohmann: My top choices are Redrock, Bella Luna and Luciano’s in Mulvane

Brandon Kasel: Neighbors, Sumo and Abuelo’s in that order.

Ben Pfister: Newport, Chesters, Public

Dusten Michel: River City Brewery, B&C BBQ, Old Chicago

Ruse Brown: It’s funny how two kiddos will change your life (for the better) all the way to the restaurants you choose. My three picks would be family friendly places so I could be there with my whole family. In no particular order, Ziggy’s Pizza, Texas Roadhouse, Red Robin. All three have good food/options for my son and importantly they allow for a fun atmosphere for my family where we don’t have to worry about having a toddler and a newborn with us.

Any family dinner should require drinks…..seriously.

Chris Stude: Sumo, Bonefish Grill, Taco Shop (Chris lives in Oklahoma)

Drew Droegemeier: Wichita Brewing Company, Sumo, Hereford House

Gregory Williams: Bella Luna, Wasabi, Buffalo Wild Wings

Patrick Dieker: Public would just be for me and my wife. A nice but relaxed place to go. Solid drinks and good food. Ziggy’s is where I would take the family. Jet is where I would go just for me.

Cody Ayres: Taste and See, Stearman’s, Texas Roadhouse

David Bayer: Texas Roadhouse (decent steak at a decent price. The whole family could get steaks and not break the budget). Stearman Field Bar & Grill (Great atmosphere and good food. The kids will be entertained by the plans and playset). Old Chicago (not so much for the bar food but the wide selection of beer to sample from).

Greyson Barger: Jimmy’s Diner, Savutes, Hereford House

Linn Shaw: Bonefish Grill, Barn’rds, Firebirds

My brother: Longhorn Steakhouse and Texas Roadhouse

and last but not least my own Father: Jason’s Deli because everyone can eat and it is kid friendly with free ice cream. Or Il Vicino because that is my favorite place, or Granite City Brunch Buffet. Or Asian Super Buffet (by Towne East) because some dad’s wife only likes to eat there.

…………so it looks like I’ll be going to Super Asian Buffet for Father’s Day. I can’t wait……………hmmm………

Lot of different options to choose from there. Looks as though many of the popular options were pizza or steak related; two things you can never go wrong with.

I’d like to thank everybody who took part in the mini little poll for the special Father’s Day blog. And lastly a Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers and soon to be fathers out there.

Happy Dining!

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