The Stop: Your Option for Wichita Karaoke

The Stop’s Quality Staff

In my experiences of being of legal drinking age, I’ve seen many bars come and go. I’ve seen some horribly managed bars, bars with unnecessary expensive drinks, obnoxious patrons, the whole run of the mill.

That’s not to say there aren’t really good bars in Wichita because there are. One of those bars, if you haven’t been to it yet is The Stop.

The Stop is located at 1450 S  Washington. Don’t be alarmed by the area of town it is located in. In my many visits there, I’ve never once had an issue there. They are open Monday – Friday 6 pm – 2 am and on Saturday and Sunday from 7 pm – 2 am.

Besides being a popular bar for those wanting to avoid the riff-raff of downtown folk, the Stop has been called by many people as the best karaoke bar in town. The Stop offers karaoke 7 days a week starting at 9 pm. I’ve been known to karaoke a time or two or three or a hundred times and the Stop offers one of the largest collection of karaoke songs I’ve seen. If you’re into karaoke and don’t want to deal with being judged like you’re on American Idol, this is your Stop (pun intended).

For more information, you can always check out their Facebook page:

They certainly have major dive bar appeal with consistently running drink specials, a small but friendly and helpful staff, and a nice patio that was redone over the summer.

On top of drinks, they have darts, pool and touch arcade machines.

They do have a limited food option that’s nearly all quick to make items for those just looking for a quick bite to eat. With a small staff and lack of a big kitchen, they are limited to what they can offer. But let’s be honest, who goes to a dive bar looking for food as their first option? Chili was actually offered one night. (It’s not a regular menu item). While I didn’t order any, it was some of the best smelling chili I think I’ve smelled. I was told the chili packed with a ton of flavor, a small bite to it but mild enough for everybody and just quality.

The Stop takes both credit cards and of course cash. I still can’t speak highly enough of the level of service from not just the staff but the owner. I always feel welcome every time I go in and I know my friends feel the exact same way.

Give it a try yourself. Sing away. Drink away. Enjoy the night away.

Happy Dining……and Drinking.


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