Ten Wichita Restaurants to Try

You have a lot of time off for the holidays. You have friends and family in town that keep asking you what’s good in Wichita. The only restaurants you can think of are the same 3-5 chain restaurants around town that you frequent.

Does this sound familiar? Let Wichita By E.B. help you out. Here’s a list of ten restaurants in Wichita that you should try, some you may never have heard of or been to. This is a list of restaurants that are unique to Wichita and with just one location in town; all of which you and your friends and family are sure to love.

Of course in a city like Wichita where there’s a restaurant on every corner, there are what seems like hundreds of great options to choose from. We’ve tried our hardest to narrow it down to ten. Enjoy:


Thai House
969 N West Street

Some of the best Thai food I’ve had in Wichita and quite possibly the best Pad Thai you’ll ever eat in town. Seating is limited so carryout is suggested.


Ziggy’s Pizza
3700 E Douglas

Located in Clifton Square, this restaurant has a great family environment with equally great pizza. This is a neighborhood favorite in College Hill and for good reason too.


Restaurante Usuluteco 
1714 E Northern (moving in early 2016)

You owe it to yourself to try some authentic El Salvadoran food. Make sure to get an order of Pupusas in, then check back in here and thank us.


Bill’s Charcoal Grill
2957 N Arkansas

It’s likely you’ve been to many of the other popular burger joints in Wichita. How about you drive up north and treat yourself to a grilled charcoal burger; there really isn’t anything else like it in the city.


Manna Wok
4865 E Harry
Be careful driving down Harry or you may miss this tiny little building. Manna Wok is the go to place in Wichita for the best Korean food.
Doo-Dah Diner
206 E Kellogg St
Yes you may have heard of this from many people. Don’t let this be one of the restaurants on your list that you’ve been meaning to go to and years pass by. Go get yourself the best breakfast available on this side of the Mississippi. Be sure to use their Call Ahead Seating.


Sweet Basil
2424 N Woodlawn
Looking for a great lunch value? Head over to Sweet Basil and try their lunch buffet. Some including myself have called it one of the best lunches in town. Afterwards schedule a two hour nap, you’ll need it.


Bella Vita Bistro
120 N West St
The finest Italian restaurant in town; the perfect place for a quiet date night, a group dinner or a spot to just stuff your face with pasta.


Bocco Deli
3010 E Central
Beautiful and delicious handcrafted sandwiches; everything made from scratch. It’s hard to compete with Bocco Deli for a fantastic meal.


M.I.F. Deli
5618 E Central
There is a huge base of really good Mediterranean food in Wichita so it only makes sense to put at least one of those restaurants on this list. M.I.F. Deli, and when you go, order the meat pie!
If you’d like to read more about some of these restaurants, past blogs have been written about a good portion of these ten. You can read all past blogs here.
If you’re an aircraft worker or a teacher in town and have a thousand days off for Holidays, go ahead and try all ten of these great places. If you’re not, I’d still recommend the same.
And when you go, just be sure to call each restaurant first to verify their hours of operation.

Happy Dining and Happy Holidays!

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