Wichita Brewing Company Relay Marathon – March 13th!

The male runner holding the beers bears a striking to resemblance to me.

For the runners out there, you may have heard of Brew to Brew. It’s a 44.4 mile team race that takes you from one brewery in Kansas City to another brewery in Lawrence, KS. It’s a fun team relay where you and a group of other runners split up the 44.4 miles into legs and well…………run.

I have participated in a team relay before called Ragnar which is slightly longer than Brew to Brew. When I say slightly longer, I mean 200 miles total. I wrote about it here. It was a fun experience, something I’ll always remember but not sure if I’ll be doing it again in this lifetime.

Enter in Wichita Brewing Co. & Pizzeria who’s looking to raise money for the Kansas Food Bank.

They are hosting a fun team relay marathon on March 13th at 8 am. Sports fans may know that day better as Selection Sunday but that doesn’t take place until later in the afternoon.

For this team relay, you’ll get together in teams of six for a total of $240 or you can run it individually at $90. The race takes you from WBC on the West side all the way to the East side WBC. The route comes out at 26.2 miles.

To register for the event and find more details, you can head herehttp://wichitabrew.com/2016-relay-marathon/

I’m still back and forth on signing up as I literally haven’t ran in a race since my 200 Mile Ragnar Experience. It certainly does sound fun though and may be persuaded by friends to sign up.

Once you complete the race, you will get two free beers and pizza. T-shirts are also given to everybody at the race.

Nonetheless, if you like trying new experiences you’ve never done, this will be right up your alley.

Run…..cheer on your team members………drink some beer………eat a pizza……….get home and hope your team makes it in on Selection Sunday.

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