Olive Tree Sunday Sunday Brunch Buffet (Two Olives)

If you have been reading this blog for a while, you know my fascination with Sunday Brunches. My friends and I have been trying out different ones throughout the year.

Introducing the Olive Tree Sunday Brunch Buffet. Located at 2949 N Rock Road at the southwest corner of 29th and Rock, Olive Tree serves one of the most eclectic offerings starting at 10 am for just $17. That price point is extremely competitive for the other brunch buffets around town which range around the $20 figure. It’s cheaper for seniors at $15 and $9 for kids 5 and over.

I was joined my three ladies for Brunch so on top of a filling meal, I was able to hear about some TV show called “The Bachelor” and pedicures. Exciting, huh?

The spread at Olive Tree is one of the widest I’ve seen in my many travels around Wichita for a great Sunday Brunch. Stations are set up all through the restaurant so everybody is not confined to one space to battle it out for their favorites.

The options may look familiar as its operated by the old Piccadilly. You have your basic American staples like eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, etc. But there is so much more like tabouli, crab crakes, bbq ribs, smoked salmon, hummus, napoleon chicken, desserts, enchiladas, omelette station, prime rib, etc. Imagine American/Lebanese/Seafood/Just Anything.

Here’s a look at  some of what can be had at Olive Tree:




What you see above is just a sampling of what’s available at Olive Tree. There were other stations of food. Literally there is something there for everybody.

We all tried our best to get a sample of everything that was there but unfortunately for me, I left my walker at home so it was hard to move around to get from station to station after my fourth plate.

So what did we get? Take a look:



One of the first comments around the table was about the pasta salad; really some of the best pasta salad to be had in town. The omelette station was another favorite. I really liked the BBQ ribs, they were simple, well flavored and easy to pull off the bone.

Many of the food options didn’t have that processed taste, it was all of high quality such as the crab cakes which were another favorite for those who tried it.

Overall it was probably the favorite of the Sunday Brunches I’ve tried in Wichita. What sets them apart is selection and quality.

If you’re a fan of the Dining American Pastime of Sunday Brunch, add Olive Tree to your list.

Happy Dining,

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