Warren 21 Theater To Open in 2016

Have you been to the East Side Warren on 13th street and saw a sign that said “Warren 21”?

The real building doesn’t say Wichita By E.B. on it…….

Well get excited folks and when I say folks, I’m referring to people over the age of 21.

The new renovations at the East Warren will convert 8 auditoriums to an adults only area for moviegoers.

Personally, I sometimes can’t stand going to the movies because of teenagers who constantly have their cell phones out or kids constantly chatting. I know this because I used to be one….minus the cell phones. We didn’t have them when I was in my teens.

The new project will serve food and drinks while you’re in the movie similar to the Oldtown Warren. All the seats are reserved seating which is a huge plus. I went to see Batman v Superman over the weekend at IMAX and having Reserved Seating on an opening weekend is the most convenient feature ever for a movie theater.

On top of that, there will be custom-made lounge chairs, motorized recliners, and heated seats. While in Chicago earlier this year I had a chance to try one of these luxury style movie lounge chairs and fell asleep because they were so comfortable. It was either that or the movie was too boring.

This is all expected to be open this summer. Call me excited. I love going to the movies and anything to make my movie experience more worthwhile, I’m all for it.


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