Exits Escape Room: The Best in Wichita? (CLOSED)

Exits Escape Room

By now if you have been following the blog, you know we’ve traveled everywhere to enjoy the fun of escape rooms in Wichita and even the surrounding area.

A new escape room opened up over the weekend at 3833 West 13th Street which is right across the street from the Dillons at 13th and West street.

It’s Exits Escape Room.

My brother made the reservation for our group through their website: http://www.exitwichita.com/

The going rate for each person at Exits Escape Room is $25 but we had a $10 off opening weekend promo code we used to make it $15.

There’s currently a $5 promo code: FACEBOOK2016 to get you $5 off.
There’s also a Groupon here available where it’s 2 people for $35, 4 people for $69, 6 people for $99 or 8 people for $129.

Exits Escape Room only has one room right now called, Circus Sabotage. The theme is as follows:

Performers at the local circus are looking to you and your friends for help. Vital props for their acts are suddenly missing, and the prime suspect is Chuckles the Clown. Chuckles threatened to sabotage the circus last night after he was fired for his lack of balloon animal skills. The bearded lady spotted him a little later rummaging through trunks and tents of other performers. She chased him into this area, where he seems to have vanished into thin air with several necessary items. The magician cannot perform magic tricks without a magic wand, the lion tamer will surely be eaten without his whistle, and the juggler can’t juggle without his juggling pins. The show is set to start in one hour. Can you and your friends find these props and figure out how Chuckles vanished?

The room allows for up to eight people. If you don’t fill the room, you could be paired up with other groups/people. For our escape room day, we filled the room with 8 people consisting of friends and family; most who had all experienced what an escape room is like. Only one person in our group had never tried one before.

When we arrived, the waiting room was pretty small. I’ll admit, I was hesitant at how much fun it was going to be. The game operators did say they were still working on the opening and had other changes planned for the business as all their work had been put into perfecting their escape room game.

While explaining the rules, the game operator told us the theme and mentioned that if we needed any help to ask. I never did verify how much assistance one was allowed. I sort of drifted off during the debriefing as I’ve been through the experience so many times. All I really caught was it was a Circus Theme and we had to find some items and escape the room. I knew I could count on my teammates to fill me in on anything I was missing.

Once they showed us the room, any hesitation and concerns I had disappeared. The way the room looked was amazing and really got everybody’s attention.

As with all escape room reviews, I won’t go into anything about the room.

We ended up using just one clue on the day and escaped the room around the 49 minute mark!

So what did we think of the room?

Best Escape Room we’ve done to this point!

Yep, that was deserving of bold face type. Exits Escape Room was so different than any of the rooms we visited in the past. While some of the common themes and puzzles you see in other rooms were a part of it, there was so much more to the room that you just have to go for yourself to see.

Exits Escape Room was very creative in their puzzles with different types of technology used to set them apart from everybody else. When I say technology, you don’t need to be tech savvy to figure it all out so don’t worry about that. You could tell a LOT of hard work was put into this room. It’s not one of those rooms where things are just laid out and hidden. Games have to be played, puzzles have to be solved, it’s a lot going on. We wouldn’t have got out without each person involved.

Seven of the eight people in our group have all done an escape room and all seven people enjoyed the Circus Sabotage escape room the most.

With the growing number of escape rooms in Wichita, they are going to need to do things different to set each other apart and Exits Escape Room did it perfectly.

I highly recommend you try it out for yourself.

They are only open on the weekends for booking at the moment and after asking them on Sunday, their second room will be ready hopefully in a couple months but I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait.

The operators at Exits Escape Room were all friendly and my group all certainly wishes them the best on a successful future.

Book your room now! We can say at this point it’s the best in town.

Happy Escaping.

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