No More Fivesomes at Wichita Public Golf Courses

No more of this taking place

Here’s some news some of you may not be aware of.

The Wichita Public Golf Courses does not allow fivesomes anymore on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and holidays. This is effective immediately at Auburn Hills, L.W. Clapp, MacDonald, Tex Consolver, and Sim Golf Course.

This of course is to speed up the pace of play on the weekends when it gets busier.

This is great news for everyone even myself who enjoys playing with four of my closest friends or drinking buddies, depending how you look at it. The weekends can get really backed up, even more so when you have those fivesomes who like to tee of two or three times each, take an hour to find all their balls, take pee breaks in the trees and just slow everything down.

A very welcome addition by the city.

Now all we need is some good weather to get out there, hit the links and lose many balls.

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