Food Truck: El Pollo Dorado al Carbon Review

El Pollo Dorado al Carbon

Sitting at the Northeast corner of W. 21st N and Wellington Pl is El Pollo Dorado al Carbon.

They are a Mexican food truck that specializes in tacos and chicken.

If you’re driving down 21st street, you can’t miss them at all. They are a big bright and yellow truck with a couple tents posted up.

They were my most recent stop on my Wichita Food Truck Tour around town. You can follow them on their Facebook Page to give yourself the reassurance they will be at 21st and Wellington everyday from 10 am – 9 pm.

If you go, be sure to only take cash with you unless you spend more than $5 then they will take card.

While glancing at their menu, there were no prices listed at all. So I had to ask how much was what. Their small street tacos are a dollar a piece. Half chicken meals with sides range around $9 while whole chickens cost $14. They also have a Rib meal that runs $15 which comes with a side.

I ended up ordering a few tacos with pork, steak and chicken along with the Rib dinner just to get a sampling of what their food was like. In hindsight, I should have ordered the chicken because chicken in in their name. It would have made more sense!

The Tacos came out pretty instantaneously and the Ribs took about 15 minutes from the moment of ordering to the time I was given my food.

The tacos were excellent. Like any good street taco, they didn’t overdo it with toppings. It was all basic with flavorful meat fillings and some delicious spicy salsa. About 3-4 tacos would be enough to fill anyone up.

I took the Rib dinner with the spicy beans side back to work to snack on. The beans were advertised as spicy and some of the best in town. Inside were pieces of bacon, rib meat, and some peppers…….VERY good stuff. It was a little too watered down but besides that the actual beans with the meat were top notch. Next up were the Ribs. They had a nice smokey flavor to them. They weren’t as tender as I would have liked and found some parts to be pretty tough. Not exactly worth the $15 pricetag.

The staff on hand were all extremely pleasant and grateful for all the patrons that came in and out while I was waiting on my Ribs.

If you go, stick with the tacos or give the chicken a try. I’d love to see if the chicken is worth a drive back.

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