Food Truck: Gaga’s Grub Review

Gaga’s Grub

One of my good friends tipped me off that one of Wichita’s newer food trucks was going to be outside his office. That resulted in a few buddies all gathering near 21st and Woodlawn for lunch.

Introducing Gaga’s Grub, a food truck that specializes in tacos. Gaga’s Grub, which you can follow on their Facebook page, serves primarily chicken, pork and veggie tacos.

Their tacos run $3 a piece but they also have a selection of combos to choose from to bring that price down.

What sets Gaga’s Grub apart from many other taco trucks you may see in town is the array of different sauces they have to offer. From Honey Onion Sriracha, to the Cayenne Carrot to the Mango Chile, there’s options from sweet to savory.

The process at Gaga’s Grub is very simple. You get in line and once you arrive at the truck, you step inside the truck, let them know what you want to order, watch them make your food, pick up food, pay for said food, step out side and as they say, “Feed Yo Belly”.

Between my three friends and I we wanted to make it simple so we ordered 12 tacos and split them between pork and chicken. Since there was such a long line of people behind us, I just told the guy working the truck to surprise us with three different sauces preferably spicy.

The serving time was not long at all. Nearly all of the food prep was taken care of so it was just grabbing the tortilla, filling it with the meat, condiments and sauce. I was in and out in what felt like minutes.


For starters, the appearance was amazing. The aroma was refreshing. But as we all know the true test of any food is all in the taste.

After the first bite, we all knew three tacos a person was more than enough. These tacos are stuffed to the brim with whatever you order. For instance, the pork tacos are packed with so much pork. Between the pork and the chicken tacos, the favorite was the chicken by far; so much more flavor in the chicken.

Of the sauces, the Mango Chile and the Honey Sriracha were top notch. If you love Mango, the Mango Chile has a huge Mango kick at first but dies down and has a spicy kick at the end. The Honey Sriracha is a perfect blend of sweet and spicy.

For the value, $7 for three tacos was just right. We didn’t leave hungry at all but not bloated with so much food. Overall a great value for some really good food.

Props to Gaga’s Grub for another fine addition to the Food Truck Community in Wichita.

Happy Dining.

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