Must Try Menu Item: Molino’s Mexican Cuisine

When it comes to certain restaurants in town or even types of food, everybody knows what they like. Let’s talk Mexican food for a little bit. At some Mexican restaurants, I usually stick with either tacos or chimichangas and rarely stray away from it. I have friends that will order a 2 or 3 enchilada meal EVERY single time we get together.

Since we’re on the topic of Mexican food, let’s break that down a little further and talk Molino’s Mexican Cuisine.

They have two locations at 7817 E 37th Street and the original location at 1064 N Waco. I’ve reviewed both locations and go to the east 37th street location more often simply out of convenience and proximity to home and work.

At the recommendation of a friend of mine, I tried something new on the menu and instantly new it would be the next recommendation on our “Must Try Menu Item” Feature.

If you’ve never had it, let me introduce you to Molino’s Chilaquiles. It’s fried tortilla strips simmered in red or green salsa with shredded cheese, and chicken breasts. We also ordered ours with eggs.


Just take a look at that goodness. To quote my favorite cousin Eddie, “She’s a beaut, Clark!”

We ordered our Chilaquiles with green salsa and a couple eggs on top.

Honestly, it’s not something I probably would have ever ordered because I never knew about it. Even though it’s right on the menu, I’ve never bothered to take a real notice to it. Fortunately my friend introduced me to them because they are amazing.

The fried tortilla strips are just the right crisp level to where you can cut it with a fork. With the first cut in, the egg just opens up and drizzles all over the rest of your food mixing in with the salsa. At first glance, one of my other friends had this puzzled look on his face but on his first bite he felt the same way I did about it. If you love spicy, add on some of their spicier salsa and it’s even better.

This is certainly worth a try for everybody. Around a handful of different people at our table tried the Chilaquiles for their first time and all had the same admiration for it.

Branch out, try something new, you’ll never know what you might love next.

Happy Dining!

Happy Dining,

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