The Warren 21 Experience

As of last month, Warren 21 has opened inside the East 13th St Warren.

We covered the basics in our article here but after experiencing it first hand how was it?
Let’s walk you through the Experience from beginning to end. Warren 21 costs $12 for a matinee or $16 for an evening show. If you order your tickets online there’s a convenience fee. Mine fee was $3 for two tickets.
My friend and I went to the matinee showing. Nearly everybody I’ve spoke with about Warren 21 from friends to family have only done matinee’s so far. Let’s be honest, $16 is a lot to spend on a movie for one person which doesn’t even include the concessions.
When you buy your ticket, you’re asked to select your seat, it’s all reserved seating so that helps immensely with new movies.
When you enter the theater, the ticket guy tells you to head east where you see two employees standing at their ticket kiosk ready to rip your ticket in half and open the doors to Warren 21 for you.
From there you are right in the main lobby of Warren 21 which includes the concession stand. Here you can order full meals, your theater basics like popcorn, and then the adult beverages. Of course, it’s all the marked up movie theater prices so expect to pay a little more for anything you order.
Here’s the menu, click to enlarge.




You can order your food and drinks at the concession stand only. Unlike the downtown Warren, staff won’t come to your seat to take your order which is totally fine. Nothing like having someone come ask for your credit card in the climactic final 10 minutes of a movie to tab you out.
Then it’s into the actual theater.
Inside you’ll see a bunch of custom electric recliners with seat heaters and tables. Find your seat and recline!


Seat Heater and Recliner
The seats really are as comfortable as expected. I sat towards the center of the theater, immediately reclined and was praying I wouldn’t fall asleep during the movie.
Once you’re all set to go, turn your phone to silent, and prepare yourself for the movie.
If you are into treating yourself, the Warren 21 is the way to go. I spoke to my brother and sister-in-law and they are pretty sure they’ll never experience a movie in a theater in a different way if they aren’t with kids.
Everybody will agree that $12-$16 is a lot to spend on a movie so you need to go into this knowing it’s a luxury. You’re pampering yourself. You’re giving yourself the convenience. You’re not surrounded by teenagers and children. For anybody I’ve spoken with, it was totally worth it and I wholeheartedly agree……. especially if the movie is fantastic. I won’t go see a horrible movie at Warren 21 like say Gigli or From Justin to Kelly.
That is the Warren 21 in a nutshell.
Happy Movie-Going!
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