Changes at Wichita Room Escape

There have been some changes at Wichita Room Escape and another one expected soon!

The first major one is the change in ownership. As of last month, Wichita Room Escape is now under new management. I wouldn’t expect much to really change in terms of overall fun to be had there though.

But they did make some changes though. They have added the availability for bookings on Wednesday and Thursday nights, plus the availability of weekday events upon your request.  What’s nice about the weekday booking is it’s only $16 compared to the regular price of weekend $20 tag. That is only available for a limited time.

They have also announced one of their rooms, The Studio, is for sure closing on 6/26. So until then, they’ve made bookings available every day of the week (including weeknights) until that day. The weeknight bookings are still 20% off.  After The Studio closes, they will open up a new room which is expected to be ready by sometime in July.

Visit the booking page of their website,, to check their new availability and make your bookings. If you don’t see the time available to suit your group, you can call them at (316) 361-6226

Hardest Room in Town!

Also if you are a seasoned veteran of room escapes now, their most recent room called The Mission is a must try for you!

This room isn’t for the a newbie at all. They provide no clues at all so you need to work diligently through all the puzzles and really step back and try to figure out everything going on.

It’s a lot to take in if it’s your first time so I highly advise against having The Mission be your first. But if it’s not your first, you’ll love the challenge it provides.

It’s a six person room so it’s smaller than the other two rooms at Wichita Room Escape but just as fun if not more fun. My family and friends tried it out and kept the current streak of successful escapes reaching eight straight.

Don’t forget to check out our Complete Guide to Room Escapes in Wichita for information on all the other options available in town including the newest review on the latest Room Escape to hit the area, Puzzle Plex.

Happy Escaping!

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