Food Truck: Brick House BBQ Review

Brick House BBQ

The Wichita Food Truck Tour continues to try out some BBQ in Wichita. This time we visited Brick House BBQ to see how it compared to not just other food trucks but other bbq places in town.

You can visit Brick House BBQ at their Facebook page or on their website.

A few colleagues and I stopped by the ICT Pop-Up Urban Park which is worthy of it’s own blog. Definitely a place to check out.

Brick House BBQ was set up there and looked to have the longest line of all the other trucks available that day.

Here’s something interesting. When one of us asked, “What’s good here?”

The response we received was “I don’t even like BBQ. Pizza.”

There was a pause and we asked, “Pulled Pork or Smoked Brisket.”

The response…. “Pizza.”

Well alright. That was definitely a little odd so we decided for ourselves. Between us all we went with some sandwiches of two meats, a pulled pork sandwich, a smoked brisket sandwich, ribs and the three sides they had to offer.

The food came out probably within a few minutes of ordering.


Between the three sides, the potato salad was probably the best. The beans lacked any real flavor to them and the coleslaw was a little dry. We actually added some BBQ sauce to the coleslaw which made it much better.

All the BBQ came with one type of sauce. I overheard another customer asking if they had any hotter BBQ sauce and they were told no.

Overall the food was not comparable to the likes of B&C, Delano or Pig In Pig Out. It wasn’t horrible by any means but just not worth the price you’d spend. We all found the food about average. The flavor didn’t really hit you and it was fairly dry.

The sandwich price is very high. Nine dollars for a sandwich and chips is a lot. You’re better off spending four more dollars to get a couple sides and a drink. The guys in our group who ordered the sandwiches didn’t even get chips with their order.

To add insult to injury, one of the guys in our group noticed on his statement the next day he was charged $18 for a two meat sandwich that cost $13………. and he didn’t get chips.

Overall not the best experience for us at Brick House BBQ.

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