Funky Monkey’s Shaved Ice & Coffee Review

It’s getting hot out there!

Most people looking for a cool treat in town will turn towards Shaved Ice. My nieces, Cylee, Bella, and I made it a point to check out another option as they new it’d be an easy adventure for them to get something for free……they are learning.

Our next stop for Shaved Ice in town brought us to Funky Monkey’s Shaved Ice & Coffee. This is not to be confused with the food truck: Funky Monkey Munchies.

You can follow Funky Monkey’s Shaved Ice on Facebook.

They have two locations at 3350 N Woodlawn in the Home Depot parking lot and at 11838 W 21st st at Zach’s Car Wash. They also have a mobile unit that will cater to events and show up to other food truck events.

Our stop took us to Home Depot since it was more convenient for us east siders.

When we arrived there was a drive thru option and a sit down option where you can order at their window and sit and eat. I don’t trust a couple five year olds with Shaved Ice in my car so you probably already know what option we chose.

Their big menu which you can find online has a whole slew of different creations to choose from.

It’s all very affordable with to, Medium, and Large options ranging from $2, $3, and $4. The girls took their sweet time trying to narrow down the option to just one so I did something their parents would have probably advised against…… just let them order five. Seriously, it made it so much easier and saved me some time.

This was also a good time for me to teach them that sometimes white lies are ok like, “Uncle Eddy only ordered us one.”

They eventually went with Spiderman, Bahama Mama, Love Potion, Blueberry, and I believe Bubble Gum. Little did I know they have punch cards so for every five Shaved Ices you order, you get one free. Boom…..we got a free one for our next visit.

There was just one guy working the stand so it was all him taking care of all the drive thru and walk up customers. He did a great job of making sure everything was served out in a timely manner.

Once received, it was all fun and games for the kids. They grabbed multiple spoons and started eating away at each one voicing their opinions. “This is so good.” “Oooh this taste like blueberry.” “Is my tongue purple?”

All very eye opening statements I had to make note of.

The only true way to find out which ones were their favorites was to let them eat away and see which ones had the least amount by the time we had to go.

In the end, Love Potion, Spiderman and Blueberry were nearly gone. Bella told me Bahama Mama was her favorite. This coming from a girl who took one bite of the Bahama Mama and spent the rest of her time eating Spiderman.

Overall it was a fantastic experience, spending some time with them on the park benches while they got to help me review another Shaved Ice option. Their ending comments were, “Can we order some more”

Unfortunately I had to break the news to them that if we ordered more, their parents probably wouldn’t allow me to continue doing this. Lucky for me, I was able to drop them off right after and avoid their sugar highs.

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Happy Dining,

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