Genghis Grill Offering New Recipe Cards

If you’re a fan of the Mongolian Grills in Wichita as my brothers and I, you already know the locations in Wichita that offer this create your own food affair people have.

One of those options in Wichita is Genghis Grill located at 111 S. Rock Road located right by Towne East Mall at Douglas and Rock Road.

Admittedly when we go, you don’t stick to a certain script. We get our bowl and load it up with whatever sounds good at the time with no rhyme or reason. Genghis Grill actually offers recipe cards which we have always passed up. These recipe cards give you insight to help you create certain type dishes you may not otherwise have known about. It came to our attention that a few new recipe cards were made available so we made it a point to go try it out for the first time.

When we arrived at Genghis Grill, we found the three new recipe cards right near the buffet line where you pick out your ingredients. Those three new cards were: Honey Garlic Scallops, Spicy Sesame Chicken, and Hong Kong Beef.

My brother loves seafood so he went with the Honey Garlic Scallops, my brother chose the beef so I was left with the Spicy Sesame Chicken.

The cards are very straight forward and easy to follow along the buffet line. We filled them up, handed them to the cooks and within minutes the food was ready to go for us.



My brother thoroughly enjoyed his Hong Kong Beef. He thought the beef was pretty good and had good heat but wasn’t overly spicy. He liked the Kung Pao Sauce and next time would lessen the amount of Teriyaki Sauce he put in. The vegetables chosen for the meal were a good match.

My other brother just loves seafood and went to town on his scallops. Even though the meal called for scallops and bacon, he loaded much more scallops then bacon. He thought his meal was a little on the sweet side but nothing some sriracha couldn’t help. The bacon was a bit on the fatty side for him.

Lastly it was the Spicy Sesame Chicken for myself. Like my brother, I found the bacon to be fatty but the chicken breast was very good. Oddly enough it was the first time I had ever had the chicken at Genghis Grill. Although it was m first, it probably won’t be my last. The mix of vegetables were a good call and I was newly introduced to garlic water. Something I would have never tried before had I not used the recipe card; good meal and worth the try.

It was certainly a change for us using a recipe card compared to what we’ve been doing for years in just grabbing items at random. If you always worry about making a random bowl that you won’t like, definitely try one of their recipe cards. Remember you can always make changes to the recipe cards at your discretion. It’s a perfect start to work with.

Happy Dining!

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