Peerless Bar now open in Downtown Wichita

If you hadn’t heard, there’s a new bar open in Downtown Wichita. It’s called Peerless Bar.

Peerless Bar is located at 919 E Douglas in the old Alibi Room which is right in-between Ribbit Computers and District Taqueria (reviewed here).

They are open Tuesday – Saturday from 4pm – 2am.

Peerless prides themselves on keeping local beers on tap. When we went they had beer from Walnut River Brewing Co and Wichita Brewing Co. They also had Central Standard Brewing which was all sold out.

Inside not much has really changed. The lighting is still pretty dim in the afternoon with most of the light coming from the entrance and back door. Pool table is there and seating along the walls and the bars. Outside of a few TV’s and a couple other decorations, there isn’t much to it.

On their Facebook page, they describe themselves as “just a bar.”. Just thinking about that reminds me of the lyrics to a popular Eminem song that starts out with “Real names, No gimmicks.” They aren’t a sports bar, they aren’t a club, they aren’t a cocktail bar, they aren’t a speakeasy, they are first and foremost a bar that serves drinks. They didn’t have food, just beer and liquor to satisfy your adult drinking needs.

When my friends and I went, we found it to be a place to have a couple drinks and carry a conversation without any distractions.

Check them out sometimes.

Peerless Bar
919 E Douglas.

Happy Drinking!

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