Rita’s Now Offering All-Natural Ice

Let’s face it, my nieces love Italian ice. Now that summer time is essentially here they can’t get enough of it. Of course they are at the age where they know who to call when they are ready to be spoiled. I play the role of “that uncle”. The uncle who spoils them, showers them with gifts, and sends them home on the most extreme sugar high possible.

Well there’s a bit of good news for their parents when I take them out. Rita’s Italian Ice now offers All-Natural Italian Ice. Their flavors come in a select number of flavors like Pineapple, Strawberry, Banana, Strawberry Banana, Orange Pineapple, and Orange. Flavors will vary by store.

What makes these flavors different from their regular Italian Ice options is fairly simple. They are made with natural ingredients. They still are free of trans fat, cholesterol, and gluten as all their other Italian Ice options.

I took a bunch of the kids from my family out for a sampling and of course they left extremely happy like they had just won the lottery.

On our trip to Rita’s they had one flavor available at the time: Strawberry Banana. So we tried their All-Natural Ice in different variations: we had it served regularly as the ice, we had it blended in with custard as a Misto Shake on the go, we had it mixed up with custard and topped with M&M’s (their call of course) as a Blendini.

Happiness is correct

They’ve all been to Rita’s countless of times and the staff is always friendly to them and the stores are extremely clean even considering the mess the kids always make there.

How did the kids like the All-Natural Ice? They loved it as expected.

Their favorite of the options was the All-Natural Ice untouched. These kids are creatures of habit. They know what they like and stick to it. I eventually got them both to try the Blendini and Misto Shake which they both enjoyed but when I asked what their favorite was, the All-Natural Ice was the winner by a landslide.

I finished the Misto Shake for them. It was my first time ever having one and I’ll be ordering one again. It’s a great alternative to a regular Italian Ice option.

Then of course it was one of their birthdays and to no surprise, her favorite was also the All-Natural Ice. Now that she’s able to walk, she would take a bite, walk a circle in glee and come racing back to my leg for another bite.

Happy First Birthday!

That does it for our regular trip to Rita’s! The only difference this time is we didn’t have just two but three very happy young customers.

There are two locations in Wichita right now.

2929 N Rock Road


1021 E Douglas Avenue

Happy Dining!

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