Thai Village: House of Pad Thai Review

Let’s face it. If you’re south of Kellogg, choices for Pad Thai can be pretty limited. I was given a heads up there was a Thai restaurant located at 2020 S. Rock Road in the same spot where Thai-Riffic used to be.

They are open for lunch Monday – Friday 11am – 2:30pm. Open for dinner 4:30pm-9pm and open Saturday 11am – 9pm.

I decided to go on a whim and give it a try. Upon walking in, I was quickly greeted by their staff and presented a menu and a glass of water.

By glancing at their menu, I already knew what I was going to order. I immediately went with the Tom Yum Soup w/ chicken and a Pad Thai w/ pork (both with medium spiciness levels). I noticed they had a “Thai Hot” spiciness level but my gut wasn’t going to allow me to go through the day with that so we made a compromise on medium.

The Tom Yum Soup was delicious. If you can’t take spicy foods, go with the mild. At medium, I still went through quite a few glasses of water so I could only imagine how hot “Thai Hot” is. Even with all the heat, the flavor was still there. Smelled good. Tasted good. I loved it.

The Pad Thai was good; I wouldn’t call it great. But for the money, it was very satisfying. The medium level of spiciness wasn’t that bad. Next time I go back in, I might have to step up to “Thai Hot”. The homemade sweet sauce is just as advertised; it’s a little sweeter than I like my Pad Thai to be but nothing some sriracha or chili garlic sauce couldn’t fix.

It should be noted, their customer service was top notch. Thai Village had one of those small town mom and pop feels to it. The owners came out, talked to everyone and took a keen interest in each diners opinion. I chatted with them about spicy foods, they made suggestions, it was a good little chat.

If you’re in the area and looking for a convenient Thai option on the southeast portion of town.

Here is their menu if you are interested. Click each picture to zoom in:






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