Meet The Ron Baker Sandwich

Shocker fans, meet the Ron Baker Sandwich:

If you haven’t heard, Planet Sub unveiled The Ron Baker which features spicy capicola, red onions, provolone, lettuce, banana peppers, salami, pepperoni, oregano, oil and vinegar. This originally was called The Superhere but has temporarily been renamed after won of the greatest Shockers of all time.

A half will run you $5.79 while a whole is $8.99.

Planet Sub struck a deal with the recent graduate and New York Knick to donate $1 from each purchase of the sandwich to the Urban Preparatory Academy of Wichita.

What is the Urban Prepatory Academy of Wichita. Here’s who they are:

The mission of Urban Preparatory Academy Wichita school is to provide students in Wichita, Kansas with an exceptionally high-quality school of choice that gives students the knowledge, skills, character, and disposition to meet and exceed Kansas State Common Core Learning Standards, and prepare students for college and career readiness. UP Academy will be a leading example of education in our community by becoming the first school of choice, which will serve Kindergarten to 5th grade level in its first year. We will grow a grade level each year until we reach 12th grade. Our instructional methods, educational philosophy and mission are carefully aligned to promote high academic achievement.

Our goal is to build students’ intellectual character, motivating them to think critically, creatively, and reflectively in an environment infused with community empowerment. UP Academy will partner with families and community organizations to ensure that this mission is accomplished. Students will develop the necessary skills to navigate the path to academic and career success. UP Academy was established because, as thoroughly researched, poor academic outcomes lead to low educational attainment which perpetuates the cycle of economic insecurity and a narrowing of opportunity that is prevalent. UP Academy will build students’ intellectual character, fostering acquisition of skills and habits of mind promoting critical, creative, and reflective thinking that leads to self-directed, life-long learning.

Eating for a worthy cause always makes the meal much better! I ordered one the other day and love the spiciness of it all.

This is only available for a limited time through the end of August in Wichita Planet Sub’s.

Check out Planet Sub’s local locations on Facebook or visit them at their two locations:
10330 W Central (West side local)
3526 N. Rock Road (East side local)

Happy Dining!


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